BFSI: Wake up! Clients are angry and screaming

Yesterday a cousin had to convert a pension plan to an annuity, and he had sought my advise. He had an accumulation of a small amount to be converted. They had sent him a form to his residence – he had filled it up and brought it. The form was complete in all respects…so he […]

do not delay your investments…

When it comes to saving and investing, people are obsessed with the returns they’re going to get on their money. Whether it’s debating the merits of a particular investment strategy, discussing the pros and cons of insurance, pensions and mutual funds (or increasingly unit linked plans) or simply searching for the best interest rate on […]

If you had an attack….

  If you had a heart attack or a paralytic attack, what would your family do? I am assuming that I am addressing the head of the family. Now if you are NOT the head of the family, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you know who all to call if there was such […]

Rules of Investing: knowing not enough!!

Many of us know that there are rules of Investing. We also know that Rules are meant to be BROKEN. However whether you want to follow them or break them, there is no escaping knowing them! Here the aim is to warn YOU that  it is a complex world, and rules are not enough…… If […]

Insurance selling is very difficult…but…

  These days selling life insurance is very difficult, well that is what we are told. That is true if you explain all the features in the policy. If you were to simply do a mis-selling, then like other things in life, it is possible to come out unscathed! So the people in the industry […]

new business ideas

I have been wondering why some big company keen on E governance not coming up with the following services: 1. a centralized qualification database: a person should be able to convert all his qualifications, marksheets, etc into E form. 2. a centralized MEDICAL database: wherein all the medical records of a person should be nicely […]

What type of an investor are you?

First of all let me make a distinction between a saver and an investor. A saver puts his money in instruments which give fixed or very closed to fixed kind of returns. Examples of this are bank fixed deposits, PPF, National savings certificates, Endowment insurance policies, Retirement plans fully in debt instruments, etc. etc. These […]