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Weight loss is mathematical

I hope the title does not throw you off! Two dangerous words – ‘weight loss’ and ‘mathematical’ except of course for Pattu the maths professor! A plate of samosa – takes about 10 minutes to eat, and 65 minutes to burn off. Did not like the equation? welcome to the cruel world of mathematics. The […]

India’s great future

What happens when you see a mirror? do you like what you see? If no, do you break the mirror? Well frankly we would love to, but that is not the answer, right? Similarly when we see filth (Mumbai stinks, dammit) around us, we say ‘Oh Navi Mumbai is not like that’ or some such […]

Live life to YOUR needs…

There are a lot of people who do not conform. The sometimes do not do well academically in school, office, either marry late or marry badly, some marry ‘outside’ the community,….there are many non-conformist. To me the non-conformist is an enigma. Dr. Balamurali Krishna (he has all the awards other than the Bharat Ratna) is […]