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Mistakes in fund scheme choice

Teaching has its advantages. Huge advantages I should have said. One such event happened yesterday…I was told that I had missed one of the best fund managers by not investing in Mirae. I was also told that by not investing in a new FT scheme of ‘High Growth companies’ I had missed out on a […]

Fund Manager Evaluation: Pitfalls

Every body and his uncle, aunt and cousin likes to talk about Fund manager evaluation. It is extremely difficult to even assess past performance – some managers get lucky very often! More than being difficult, it is pretty useless. Useless, yes you heard it right – because you cannot use the so called ANALYSIS to […]

Mutual fund myths: some being removed

The mutual fund industry owes me some thanks for pushing a lot of people into investing! Surely the investors are happy and benefiting and hence enjoying the process. However when I speak to them I realize that there are too many mis-conceptions, let me clear some of them at least: 1. ‘Are mutual funds not […]

Retirement Mistakes I see people make

I am not sure whether many people over the age of 70 read my blog but here is an article dedicated to them. What are the 2 risks in a Retiree portfolio? – running out of money during your last few years – or living too frugally and leaving back just too much for your […]

Sebi removes upfront commission!!

A brilliant move by Sebi to remove the upfront commission in the mutual fund industry. Awesome. What is the implication of this? 1. Will the Investor get a better NAV? NO. he was anyway not paying any load. 2. Will the big distributor be hit? I mean somebody who has say Rs. 50 crores Aum […]

Who should engage a mutual fund advisor?

  Many people have asked me this question: Should we invest direct or through an advisor? Like every economist or a CA I will also start by saying – ‘there is no yes or no’ kind of an answer. It depends on the following: – were you investing in 1999, 2000, 2008, 2010…..? then you […]

What an IFA body should do but AMFI will not

If in the course of your life you have been an investor, sub-broker, broker, teacher, auditor of mutual funds, trainer, content provider – you realize that you have certain advantages. In some of these positions you meet the MF industry as a boss and sometimes you meet them like a servant. Mostly it is the […]