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Life of an equity analyst

I can assure you life as an equity analyst is not easy. It was not easy in the 1980s when I was starting life and it is not easy now. The kind of expectation that we put on an analyst to give a call is not funny. I am talking of both the sell side […]

Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis? What works?

What is the PE ratio? Ask a Fundamental Analysts and he goes gaga over PE and how it is the best way to decide whether to buy or sell. Great. However when a FA comes on Television he also uses words like “but the share has been heavily oversold”. The anchor in all earnestness goes […]

Financial Justification for Corporate financial learning class….

  Here a summary of why I think a comprehensive financial planning session is FINANCIALLY justified by a company. Very few of large employers are offering broad financial education that includes emphasis on personal budgeting and credit management (Fee-based education should be favored, let the employee realize that there is no free lunch – lesson number […]

Myth of the Safe career….

“I wish my father had left me a house and a nice portfolio…I would have pursued my passion” “With 2 kids and a non earning wife I have to pay all the EMIs…how can I hope to leave?” ‘Yes, sure I want to do my own business but I am afraid to leave my job’ […]

Subra sir Career guidance…..

These are some of the dialogs that have happened in my career counseling attempts….Not all of these dialogs  are with the same people of course.. So this is how it goes: Student: hello Subra sir can I talk to you for a minute? Subra: You can, but you may not! Ok Sure go ahead… Student: […]

Learning is a must!

  this post is partially repeated…it had appeared a couple of years ago in this very blog… I am sure all of you know the cap seller and the monkey story. So why am I telling you the same story again? No this is not the same story, it has a twist. A cap-seller was […]

Class of 2013: Confessions of an MBA school salesman

Hi kids of the graduating batch of 2013! There are certain things that I ‘forgot’ to tell you in 2011. It is also called ‘suppresso veri’ – well it is a legal language to mean ‘hiding of the truth’ but my job did not allow me to tell you the following. The following is also […]