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Being Humble as an investor is USEFUL

When you invest in the markets there is one solid reason to be humble. At least you are not driven to suicide when you get things wrong. At all points in time you have errors of omission and errors of commission. It is human tendency to think of your mistakes as ‘could have been avoided’ […]

My house is too small….

How often do you hear this crib? Or your wife tell you “We must get a house with at least one more room” from your wife? What really happened? when you bought this house, it did not feel small did it? You moved from a 2 bhk with 6 members to a 2 bhk with […]

Cost of a hobby

Not all hobbies are expensive. However, not all hobbies are inexpensive either! Actually more than the hobby, it is your personality which impacts the money that you spend on any item (or hobby). This is not a post supporting running or decrying running. I do not want a bunch of people saying ‘How running will […]

Can I afford this shoe for Rs. 9,000 ?

When somebody asks you a question like this, what can you really say? I have seen Suzie Orman say “you have $ 59,000 in a Roth IRA, you have………blah blah….” so go ahead and you will be able to afford it! I would like to take a slightly different route. Let us say the person […]

New Year Resolutions cannot work

Ok having given such a negative spin to resolutions, I need to tell you HOW it works, right? Well a resolution does not work unless it is a resolution helping you towards a goal. So much before the resolution is made, a goal has to be created. Clearly goal setting sounds simple -but is extremely […]

More health care? More financial planning?

Health insurance, more health diagnostics, more health treatment,….what we are losing out is on health! Now is the same thing happening in the Financial planning space? More financial diagnostic, more data, more analysis, more products, more variety of markets, – who is benefiting? The client who is paying or the client whose cost is going […]

Excuses remain the same!

Here are some excuses that normally people give – I have a simple job for you: Please find the questions for which people give these excuses: 1. I have no time at all: ‘Subra you do not understand. I have a job, it has some stunning deadlines, I travel a lot. I…..’I just do not […]