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Get Rich quickly is possible!!

When I look at my portfolio..I keep wondering..does it really take ‘forever’ for creating wealth? I do not know. Every day I get many offers to ‘double my money in 2 years’ or even better 1200% return..or something of that size. Or even better Forex trade calls where I could earn US $ 565 every […]

Equity market advisory…

I am not a big advocate of stock market advisory. Just too much about stock market investing has to be LEARNT and very little can be taught. There is too much of common sense. Some of it looks like it is ‘obvious’ but I have seen too many people fail doing even this. So here […]

Should savings be forced?

When you are young you are forced to do some things which you may or may not like. Like mugging up Kabir, mathematical tables, prayers, and of course all the English authors too. You are too young to understand the import – but you mug it nevertheless. As you age you realize the meaning, and […]

Learning from Mistakes: Behavioral Finance

Why are we not able to learn from our own mistakes? Why is it so tempting to push all our difficult task to a virtuous tomorrow but indulge ourselves just for today? Why we do not understand the power of small numbers? Cognitive Dissonance. Heard this before? Well there can be examples to answer this. […]

Financial Justification for Corporate financial learning class….

  Here a summary of why I think a comprehensive financial planning session is FINANCIALLY justified by a company. Very few of large employers are offering broad financial¬†education that includes emphasis on personal budgeting and credit management (Fee-based education should be favored, let the employee realize that there is no free lunch – lesson number […]

Remember these golden words

Seth Klarman, a living legend in the Investment world, said in one of his newsletters, early this year: Someday, financial markets will again decline. Someday, rising stock and bond markets will no longer be government policy – maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. Someday, QE will end and money won’t be free. Someday, corporate […]

Teach Money to your daughter too!

‘Money is a Man thing, and Cooking is a Woman thing’ – most people are brought up with this stupid belief. It is not as though they are told explicitly, but by behavior. The son is taught banking in class 9, the girl is taught how to buy vegetables. Such stereotyping may be bad, but […]