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Man Mohan Singh : what a fall!

When a friend asked Dr. Manmohan Singh for some help while dealing with Sukh Ram (colleagues in the PVN Rao’s cabinet), MMS raised both his hands over his head and said ‘Namaste sahab…woh ek kaam main nahi kar sakta…’ . He admitted that dealing with colleagues like Sukh Ram was not his cup of tea. […]

Workshop on inflation……………

Recently I rounded up 10 friends and asked them to gjve a hurdle rate that their investment should give. Most of them had 8% for debt instruments and an amazingly fantastic range of 12% to 40% when it came to equity. Some of them BELIEVED that real estate HAD already given about 24% return over […]

Hangers on can cost you dear…..

Are you a dink and getting on in years? There is a serious worry for couples without children. The list (may not be in order) would be somewhat like this: a. who will look after us when we are older b. what happens to all our money, and c. what happens to the house in […]

Repay old loans!

Yesterday I was hearing the story of a man who supported his 5 sisters (one of them widowed) almost all his life. Typical government employee he had an irresponsible father who had 8 children. The son qualified as an engineer and joined government service. Then it was up to him to support his father through […]

Obstacles to Women’s Retirement Corpus

  Women need to plan for their retirement more than men need to – because they work for a lesser period and live longer. However they do have some major obstacles towards achieving this goal: 1. They study less: Academically women do better, but even in communities where education is important girls are NOT encouraged […]

More health care? More financial planning?

Health insurance, more health diagnostics, more health treatment,….what we are losing out is on health! Now is the same thing happening in the Financial planning space? More financial diagnostic, more data, more analysis, more products, more variety of markets, – who is benefiting? The client who is paying or the client whose cost is going […]

Satyameva Jayate is like a film!

Why do we pay money to watch a film? Simply because we love to see the good man win and the bad man lose. This is basic to a film. So when we go to a movie the director starts building up the image – the bad man does bad things and the good man […]