When a friend asked Dr. Manmohan Singh for some help while dealing with Sukh Ram (colleagues in the PVN Rao’s cabinet), MMS raised both his hands over his head and said ‘Namaste sahab…woh ek kaam main nahi kar sakta…’ . He admitted that dealing with colleagues like Sukh Ram was not his cup of tea. He clearly interacted with Mr. Rao and maybe a few others.

NOBODY thought that he was an architect of the reforms. Nobody in the cabinet that is.

Outside of the cabinet it was useful for Her Highness to create a MMS image (so that nobody would talk of Rao – the real architect) …but as far as MMS is concerned, this is a  NEW LOW.

Most bureaucrats are spineless – that is why the rise to the top, or thereabouts. However once you have reached you should consider what good you can do. T N Seshan, CAG Mr. Chaturvedi, ….are all such examples.

However Dr. Singh has failed the intellectuals, the well educated, the middle class …..read it all here. Here is  a well written article…


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  1. PVN was also not the architect of the reform. MMS,to his credit has never claimed that he is responsible for it(ofcourse,he has never denied when the ignorant media credits him). The real architect was Rajiv gandhi before his death -when he was in opposition.chote ustad,montek babu was never in any picture,but yet he gets a lot of credit.

    read http://www.independentindian.com to get a fresh perspective from Dr Subroto Roy who was an advisor to Rajiv gandhi

  2. PVN was the real mind behind liberalization, but after that much of the credit is assigned to Rajiv Gandhi by some of their sycophants

  3. @PrAvEen where is the evidence? where did PVN draw the blueprint for reform? what were his motivations? -there is none.

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