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Tata Sons goes Private

If a client had asked me ‘should I take 18% stake in a limited company’ I would NEVER, EVER, EVER have considered the risk that the 82% can decide to take the company private. It would not have crossed my mind. I confess. Another thing which I am impressed is the role of the public […]

Narendra Modi, ICAI, and administrative reforms

At the celebrations of the CA institute PM NaMo was the Chief guest and he said many nice things about the institute. He also said some unpleasant things about the institute. The worst thing is every Tom, Dick and Harry is using this and now saying ‘CAs are bad’. Now let us take Dhirendra Kumar […]

Get Rich quickly is possible!!

When I look at my portfolio..I keep wondering..does it really take ‘forever’ for creating wealth? I do not know. Every day I get many offers to ‘double my money in 2 years’ or even better 1200% return..or something of that size. Or even better Forex trade calls where I could earn US $ 565 every […]

Conspiracy of the Rich: BFSI in particular

The ruling elite need a constant supply of clerks for offices and sepoys for the army. So the Englishman designed our education system and it still works perfectly for the UPA and the BJP. Most of us in the middle class cannot really break away from the school education and do something different, can we? […]

Insurance Mis selling?

I did not realise how big is the menace of mis selling till I spoke to a few bankers. Given the aggressive targets that these kids have, misselling has reached enormous heights. I would dare say that almost all the selling is mis-selling unless it is term insurance!! Not sure how many people in the […]

Manufacturing demand: Mutual fund

I had done a post on manufacturing demand…..all industries follow the same process…see how it works..   1. Create a scare: MF Industry: Mr. Subra i hope you invest in mutual funds…. Subra: No..i invest in direct equities.. MF: But sir Direct equities is risky, is it not? Subra: hmm…welll…er…it has worked for me… MFI: […]

Documentation mistakes in life insurance!

Don’t take this risk with insurance – the mistake of nominating wrongly! Most people name their beneficiaries when they buy the policy, and then never give the subject another thought. That could be a mistake. Good consultants recommend that you take the time to review your policies’ beneficiary designations periodically (annually or whenever there is […]