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Man Mohan Singh : what a fall!

When a friend asked Dr. Manmohan Singh for some help while dealing with Sukh Ram (colleagues in the PVN Rao’s cabinet), MMS raised both his hands over his head and said ‘Namaste sahab…woh ek kaam main nahi kar sakta…’ . He admitted that dealing with colleagues like Sukh Ram was not his cup of tea. […]

Businesses have to be ethical and worried about reputation….

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies that is told to children when they are in school and college. Then you have people like Warren Buffett who say “It takes a life time to build reputation and a very short time to lose it”. So you tend to believe that reputation is very important, […]

Will Libertarian Paternalism work in India?

Let us start at the beginning….what is Libertarian Paternalism? Well it is a subtle way of making people towards rational choices. For example when a person joins for employment the employment form includes an AUTO sign up for an index fund. Say NPS to the extent of 3% of basic salary. The employer also contributes […]

Why is Narendra Modi hated? or opposed?

I have no love for Narendra Modi. However when I heard the real reasons for the US refusal of his visa (it has nothing to do with his so called anti Muslim attitude), I was shocked. No. I am not willing to put it here – simply because the source is trustworthy, but I will […]

UPA has a LEFT problem…

People think the UPA is unable to deal with the Left that is outside the UPA. Actually the left that they have INSIDE the congress is worse. Congress is trying to bring back the license -raj and take the country back…by 10 years at least. Here, the normally sedate India Today has done a nice […]

Age has its advantages…only if you mature!

  Aging is compulsory, maturing is optional. Well as you age, your friends age too – the guys with whom you can let your hair down and paint the town red that is. We have all suffered from sexism (for a guy you know a lot about cooking and food, Subra), ageism (for a guy […]

Government: Success or Failure?

What does a common man expect from the government? – Create an environment where the Private sector is willing to invest for a decent profit. – Law and Order -External Affairs -Defence -Judiciary – Infrastructure of the type in which the Private sector is too small to invest, or in which the government will (strategically) […]