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Bank rip off…but hey that is fine…

This is an awesome Bank-Customer Relationship story… A client of a bank had about Rs. 7-8 lakhs in the savings account. The Relationship manager moved it into a mix of mutual funds – equity about Rs. 1L and debt funds about Rs. 7Lakhs. After sometime this man wanted to buy a car and also needed […]

Buy as per your needs…..

  Do we really know how much of life insurance do we need? Do we need a Financial Planner to tell us that? Why do all articles push financial PLANNERS so hard on us? Is there a big paid media move to make us go to a ‘planner’ a new found profession? People like me […]

Mis selling, cheating, falsification of records….in insurance sales?

Was speaking to a senior person in the life insurance business. Interesting times indeed. Sales are down, and you think ulips are not selling? You gotta be wrong. This company has appointed a big National Distributor to sell their products. Obviously they are selling wrong. Clients signatures are forged, signatures are ‘photoshopped’ on the form, […]

Surrender a life insurance policy? It is easy!

  Here is a post from a reader….his name and location does not matter does it? Yes he is a Tamil speaking insurance policy holder….and this is his ordeal… READ ON: Shouldn’t insurance be more user-friendly? “Veettai katti paar, kalyanathai panni paar” – A popular Tamil adage that means “Try building a house and try […]

Mutual fund mis-selling: Sebi circular

Sebi has come out with a circular to say what is mis selling and making misselling a fraud. As usual somebody in the ivory tower looking at the battle field with telescope of good intentions. To me it looks like the Centre’s law against child marriage – the act is old, and the activity is […]

For your protection…..

  You bought a policy in 2007 for a sum assured of Rs. 25 lakhs. You have paid premia for 2007, 8, 9, and 2010 by cheque. You paid the premium for 2011 by cash. Great, the policy is in force. In Jan 2012 you die. The family sees the policy and calls the agent. […]

Product Reviews

  Either Financial Service Companies are really worried about what some people like me think of them, or there has to be some other reason that I cannot understand. Two companies met with me in the last fortnight, and both meetings really had me a little puzzled. Unlike most other blogs/ websites I do not […]