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Credit card /aadhar fraud

A story that I picked off Facebook…keeping the name as Xyz. does not matter. See how getting support from the BANK IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE…if you are layman….read on…   Here is a story that will surprise you or rather shock you. If you think you are safe from online fraud and Aadhar faking just because […]

CIBIL is NOT meant to help you…

There is almost NOTHING in the BFSI space meant to help you the COMMON MAN. All the tools and so called ‘useful’ things may have been created for you, but later on it became a big money making or harassing tool. Term Life Insurance – an excellent product when it was devised, but no longer. […]

Why do we allow banks to fleece us?

Banks routinely over charge us, sell us ULIPs, pension plans, make us wait for simple tasks, ….and we have no choice? Why is it that we feel that it is not worth shifting from one ‘private sector bank’ to another ‘bank’. Simply because we are not sure whether shifting from Icici bank to Hdfc bank […]

P Chidambaram and his assets…

the amount of detailing that Subramaniam Swamy and Gurumurthy have done in P Chidambaram’s case is amazing. Now it looks like Godfather – kill the main people around the don, and the don falls. So attack PC, Bhujbal (Maharashtra), …etc is good message for SG and RG Post Footer automatically generated by Add […]

Scams too have a pattern

The more famous scams impacting the share market in India have been the following: (no I am not going to the Mundhra scam, too old) The Harshad Mehta scam of 1992 – a banking scam The Ketan Parekh scam                   – a banking scam Hometrade     […]

Invitation to a Free Seminar and Dinner : Exclusive

I get many invites these days – and I thought it was as a blogger, but this was different. I was getting invited by a ……… (no I will not name them) to a FREE seminar which was covering the following: Fund Manager’s view on the current equity market Fund Manager’s view on the current […]

Shareholder rip off

For the embedded value of the life insurance company, asset management company and others..including the market value of the investments ….the Hdfc Ltd. share should be quoting at Rs. 3000 at least. Why is there such a 50% discount? or even more? I actually do not know and keep wondering whether it is because of […]