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Financial Learning and some rules

This is surely just a ramble. I did not even know whether to call it learning, rules, diktats, …or just a ramble by an old investor, but hey here it is…. Make mistakes – write down what went wrong, make quick small mistakes, laugh at them, make it when you are young, and most importantly […]

Fan Mail

Hi Subra (I should call Respected Actually) This is a very long pending mail which i am supposed to send you. I wholeheartedly thank you for virtually imparting all the knowledge. I wish you all success in whatever you do now. Expecting a Equity book soon! All the best! I just saw your comment in […]

Will buying shares make me rich?

The media keeps telling you stories of how investors got rich. I have carried an article saying ‘If you had invested Rs. 10,000 in Wipro it would be worth a serious amount today’, right? So all of you investing in shares are expecting to get seriously rich, are you? Well partly yes and partly no.¬†When […]

Suffering of Entrepreneurship / Investing

What are your visions of being an entrepreneur or an investor? When I mean investor, I mean investing your own money, time, labor, sweat and tears. Not taking money from friends, relatives, banks, clients and running a sinking ship. I mean entrepreneur in the real old sense. If you think of a big office, great […]

Equity Market: Know some basics

Actually there are many things that you need to know about the equity markets, but here is a start: a. Investors make money: Yes, it is the investors who can make money in the equity markets. Very difficult for traders to make sensible money especially over very long periods of time. However trading is a […]

how to improve your mood..

there are many things to do to capture back your lost mood…here…read on.. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Staying Rich is not easy

Most people think that getting rich is difficult. I do not really disagree, but staying rich is far more difficult. Many salaried people without much of a wealth attitude do not get into that wealthy attitude and ability to stay rich. It is far more difficult to manage your money than to earn it. I […]