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Icici Prudential Value Discovery Fund

When an extremely smart friend – a young CA – about 15 years younger to me called me and said “there is no style purity in Icici Pru Val discovery fund” I was surprised. I do know that a Val discovery fund CANNOT have a style purity!! It has to be market cap agnostic, industry […]

Investing for Retirement 101

You know what is Retirement – it is when you accumulate a sum of money which allows you to lead a life you want without having to EVER WORK AGAIN for monetary gains. It can happen at different ages for different people. Investing?¬†When you put money into the bank, buy bonds, shares, mutual funds, ETFs, […]

Tips for 2018

You are going to hear this on television and you can make tons of money if you know what it means:   2017 was easy, all shares went up. 2018 will be more stock specific. Private sector banks will continue to do well, PSU banks will be more specific. Some may do well, some may […]

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Its the narrative, stupid!

The commies did a very smart thing. They convinced Nehru that he should not interfere in the education system, so we were brought up on the commie narrative. So we were not taught about the great Hindu kingdoms. Ask any child and they will tell you that the Muslims ruled over us for 800 years […]

Are you a Noise consumer?

News sounds and feels more like Noise these days. The skill does not lie in reading the news papers, but in knowing how much to ignore. When I get research reports (I get 3 a day!) – I have to skim the reports to look for the facts. Too much opinion in reports makes it […]

Prayer for 2018!

This prayer is on behalf of my portfolio, my clients portfolio and the fund managers that I use: Hey God please give me good and very good fund managers who have no ego and seek contrary opinion… Give me ‘balanced’ funds which have less than 89% in equity Give me the ability to beat the […]