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Doctors take risk without UNDERSTANDING Risks!!

I have met, addressed and spoken to about 5000 doctors. I know about 15000 more (assuming that those who bought my book read the book!!). Let me call myself a self-appointed expert on knowing how doctors invest. I agree that I must be knowing about 50% of what doctors do with their money, but that […]

Doctors are not rich!! Know why?

I was recently talking to a group of doctors and some of them were cribbing about how they do not have enough cash flow. For a layman this might come as a shock because they feel overcharged every time they step into a clinic…Here are the reasons some which the docs said, some mine: 1. […]

Doctors, Bitcoin and Buffett!

No this post has nothing to do with Buffett. In fact not even with Bitcoins. It has something to do with doctors! Subra I wish to invest Rs. 60,00,000 in bitcoin is it a good idea asked a doctor. I said ‘all i know is that bitcoin is easy to spell’ and I personally have […]

Doctors and Record keeping!

Why doctors need to maintain accounts…why any of us need to maintain accounts? reasons are the same.. Doctors are almost mortally scared of accounts and accountants. They love money, but hate accounting – especially the details. Hey Doc, understanding a balance sheet does not mean you need to know HOW to make it. After all […]

Questions Smart Doctors ask me

Those following me on FB, Twitter, or reading my blog know that I meet a lot of doctors! I do have some more friends and relatives who are doctors too! And I have some clients who are doctors too…and here are some of the smart questions that they have asked me… Is there anything to […]

Doctors and Money Questions

Did / doing 3 training sessions for doctors in 3 locations – Nagpur, Indore and Pune. Doing this post because I hear somethings which are alarming… Doctors do not have to retire What if I find a share THAT ONLY GOES UP can I buy it for my portfolio I buy LIC policies for risk […]

Doctors and Personal Finance

Having addressed about 4000 doctors regarding personal finance here is my summary of what I wish to tell the doctors. Of course those who attend my session know the 5 takeaways that I give at the END OF THE PROGRAM. This is something different…Here read on.. Personal Finance is about Persons (emotion) and less about […]