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Investment Fatwas for doctors..13 commandments…

Not sure whether to call this commandments, fatwas, or rules..but some advice for doctors. This is based on my interaction with doctors and investing coaching that I do for people in general: Personal Financial Management is more than choosing which share to buy or which mutual fund to invest in. Share trading / investing is […]

Doctor’s financial queries…

One very important query in all doc conferences is “Our practice is good, but it may go buying a property and creating a second source of ‘rental’ income makes sense no?  The answer is very simple. When you want to create a second source of income you need to create a secondary asset. The […]

Doctors and Insurance

The Indian education system sadly lacks any training on financial matters. So whether you are a CA, doctor or an engineer, you actually have no clue on how to plan your personal financial life. THIS ARTICLE is a request to doctors to see an INSURANCE professional of decent repute to understand their complex insurance requirements. […]

Financial Planning basics for doctors

When a person graduates out of a business school or does his CA he is supposed to help other people in their business. However none of the courses help a person do their own personal financial planning. If we all work for money, should there be not some effort to teach how money is to […]

Foreword to Doctor’s book….

  Doctors if you work hard, should your business and money work as hard as you do? This book will help you do this! Doctors study and train hard however their training does not teach them anything about earning and managing money. Money managing is simple, but it has to be learnt. This book will […]

Doctors need financial planning too..

Doctors are the toughest to define professionals! You find doctors earning as little as Rs. 200,000 a year to doctors earning Rs. 200,000 a day. It may be some exaggeration, but it is not far away from the truth. However not all doctors are rich, handsome and  managing their moneys well. Also contrary to public […]

Future for doctors…

as the world moves towards more and more of insurance, it will mean more paperwork for doctors.Frankly too may doctors I know are NOT KEEN at all that their kids take to their same profession….. So in the future doctors will be increasingly ’employed’ with a hospital (including GP practice that Apollo is setting up). […]