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Future for doctors…

as the world moves towards more and more of insurance, it will mean more paperwork for doctors.Frankly too may doctors I know are NOT KEEN at all that their kids take to their same profession….. So in the future doctors will be increasingly ’employed’ with a hospital (including GP practice that Apollo is setting up). […]

Doctors: read the writing on the wall please

Rising real estate prices are likely to hit doctors the hardest! Do you see the connect doctors? Any simple business which is dependent on ‘geography’ will have to worry about rising real estate prices. Let us take the example of a opthal, a dentist and a ‘General Practitioner’ – all 3 doctors. Assume for a […]

Doctors: see the writing on the wall!

Many doctors if not all may not be noticing the change in patient behaviour. Let us look at some of the comments that I have heard: 1. Yes I agree he is a good doctor, but there is no parking available, so I am looking for a change. If you think this is shocking, think […]

Why doctors are not rich…..Part 1 of n

I was recently talking to a group of doctors and some of them were cribbing about how they do not have enough cash flow. For a layman this might come as a shock because they feel overcharged every time they step into a clinic…Here are the reasons some which the docs said, some mine: 1. […]

Financial Guide for Doctors…

here is the proposed book on Money – meant for doctors…. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Doctors and Wealth Creation: It is not easy doctors!

Doctors can create wealth. A lot of wealth. However, it may or may not happen from their earnings alone. Earnings make you Rich. The journey from being Rich (earning well) to being Wealthy (having various sources of income) is not easy. Not to say it is difficult. However it requires effort. It can happen only […]

Financial Pornography: Be careful while you open!

this is an old post that I am repeating… I am asked quite often why can you not suggest ’10 best stocks to buy’ or ‘top 5 mutual funds to invest’ or other simpler articles which can ‘lead us to action’. I do have answers to all these questions, but it is difficult to convey […]