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Will Libertarian Paternalism work in India?

Let us start at the beginning….what is Libertarian Paternalism? Well it is a subtle way of making people towards rational choices. For example when a person joins for employment the employment form includes an AUTO sign up for an index fund. Say NPS to the extent of 3% of basic salary. The employer also contributes […]

Death is pre-ordained?

Terror strikes Delhi…and a young lawyer, among others is killed. His uncle says…he had to stand in a queue to go in because he had not taken his coat. Fair enough, the human mind thinks like this. However his uncle should perhaps accept ‘If he had to die on Thursday afternoon in a New Delhi […]

On this Gurupurnima day..

Learning happens only when there is no ego…I tell my students When you come into a class, come like you are coming to the temple. If you see all temples, they have a LION and AN ELEPHANT image created at the entrance. The lion is the symbol of power and the elephant is the symbol […]

Alexander the Great…lessons

This story is so good that I have re-re-reposted this for the newer readers.  Of course we all read it as a chapter in English, as a poem, and as a story. There is perhaps no better story than this to keep ones EGO under check. It is Ego which is the biggest killer even […]

Teach kids to think, not to follow

At my age I should be on the side of the parents of 24 year olds – but funnily I am finding it difficult in many cases. This is perhaps because many parents are like Hiranyakashipu (please read Dasavatharam). Hiranyakashipu was a demon who had so much ego that he wanted to be God. People […]

Choosing your problems…

Does it sound funny? Well it is not – it is a Gandhian concept (for the more ignorant people, I mean Mahatma Gandhi, no relationship to Feroze Gandhy who changed his spelling to Gandhi). Mahatma Gandhi too would have had many small problems – stomach ache, headache, injuries – but he choose to concentrate on […]