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Simple steps to wealth

The problem with simple steps is most people do not believe it. I remember that sometime in 1999-2000 in  class somebody asked me ‘give me some simple steps to great wealth’. I said : You mean? He said: suggest 3 shares which will make me good gains over the next 10-15 years. I said: If […]

Signs you are living beyond your means!

Some of the kids I know are going to HATE me for this article…sorry guys n gals but you have really inspired me to write this. Honestly this is dedicated to you. Here it goes! 1. Your cheques bounce: Oh not regularly but 4 times in a year. This could be because your salary came […]

how to make you spend more?

A friend called up to ask ‘Why do i have to pay a higher interest RATE for a second hand car than for a NEW car?’ How much is the difference? about 3-4% p.a. for 4 years… that you lose most of the advantage that you got in the price while buying. Wow.  Why does […]

Buying a car – Part 2

  How Can You Get the Best Deal? Try creating a group or a pool if you have a friends circle / professional circle (like BNI), or any such group. Even if 3-4 of you are buying a car together there is a chance that you will get a good deal. Of course you must […]

Buying a Car – part 1

  Buying a Car is a great first time emotional event and people are buying a car at a fairly young age. Once upon a time a person would be in his 40s when he bought a car, now he is in his 20s. Two things have happened – car was once considered a luxury, […]

Can you afford a new car?

  What can feel better than going to a New Car showroom and driving out on a new set of shining wheels? That blue sedan or the red hatchback which you always wanted to buy…is now yours! Wow! But just hold it. Have you considered the real and total cost of owning a New vehicle? […]

Do you need a car?

  The normal question you expect to find in a personal finance website is ‘Decide on how to fund your car’..but let us go one step behind! In the last 6 months I have seen 3 kids getting a Nano to go to college. Luxury or Necessity? No comments. Reality. I have seen a person […]