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Retirement Investing: a late start

“I am 44 years of age, my wife is 40 years of age..and we have only Rs. 30,00,000 for retirement and we realize that we need much much more for retirement, have you written anything for a late starter like me?” This is not an isolated case, there are many people who are hit suddenly […]

Subra on Retirement planning

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How much risk to take in a Retirement Portfolio…part 2 Those people who want less volatility in their retirement portfolio should of course invest in less volatile assets. The examples for this are of course bank fixed deposits, endowment policies, PPF, and other government schemes. There is only one hassle – as these savings products will yield close to zero or a slight negative […]

How much risk to take in a Retirement Portfolio? Part 1

Subra, I have invested in a pension fund, an equity fund and a balanced fund for my Retirement. I do not like the value of my whole basket fluctuate – should I shift to a debt oriented basket? Fluctuation scares me, help! Answer: Your question is not unique. Many (most?) people I meet have this […]

Retirement: A reminder…

Are you in Denial mode regarding your retirement financial needs? I cannot comment for every one, but too many people I meet are in denial about their financial needs for retirement. Most of us do not want to accept that we will buy 3-4 washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, maybe about 2-5 cars, at least […]

Stop telling these retirement lies to yourself…

What lies do we tell ourselves about our retirement plans? I have a pension by my employer: even assuming that you have a nice indexed pension from the government, be ready for the indexing vanishing in a few year’s time. Once the burden becomes too big the bureaucrats will find a way of reducing the […]

Retirement Questions that you MUST ask yourself

People who are planning their retirement (that means all of us including those who are retired) must ask themselves a few questions…let me enumerate a few: Is your retirement by choice or by force? If you are an employee the chances are that you will be forced to retire at the retirement age – which […]