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Tragic Retirement cases

A few days ago somebody asked on my blog…what happens if a person runs out of money in retirement? Well I have handled cases where people ran out of money in retirement. In some cases, they had other assets – like a house in South Mumbai – which could be sold and the money could […]

What to expect from Retirement?

I just saw a survey in an American poll that only 20% of the people surveyed think that they can ever retire! Is that not appalling? I mean imagine being told in your 30s or 40s that you will NEVER be able to retire because of your income and expense levels. Then I began wondering […]

Who should plan their Retirement?

I am amazed with these 2 questions – who should plan their retirement, and when should we start! Seriously, Retirement planning is for everybody – and everybody should have started yesterday! Everybody seems to have an excuse as to why they do not want to plan their retirement. Doctors: I will work till I drop […]

Retirement Corpus: Avoiding Ponzi schemes

I have always held that to accumulate decent money, keeping away from danger is very, very important. Regularly we find investors losing money to some glib talker and they part with big amounts of money. Big has to be contextual of course – a maid servant losing Rs. 84,000 is as bad as a senior […]

Mistakes in Equity Investing for Retirement

There is nothing wrong in being a speculator. There is a lot MORE to gain being an Investor. However, you need to know whether you are a speculator or an investor. I have a friend who has 3 portfolio managers managing his portfolio. Each has to handle about Rs. 10 crores each and each of […]

Terrible mistakes can RUIN your retirement corpus!

If you look at the graph of any Index over a long period of time they have created wealth for their holders. Whether it is the S&P500 of the US or the Indian Sensex or Nifty, they all have an upper trajectory. They have created wealth. This indicates that over long periods of time, the […]

Retirement needs for special needs children

I now know of many families which are coping with retirement planning needs for their differentially able children. It is a huge challenge for sure. Imagine a 65 year old man with a 64 year old wife and a 38 year old child who is unable to earn a living, unable to do his own […]