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Why are you doing charity?

Are you doing charity at all? Or are you trying to impress people? Do you need to work so hard and so much of charity or are you doing this to show off? No these are not questions that I am asking. These are the questions that a wife asked her husband during one of […]

How to do charity?

Is writing a cheque for an ‘n’ amount the only way to do charity? If not the only, is it the best? Actually the answer to both the questions is NO. There are many, many ways to do charity. For example it is easy for me to write a cheque to ‘Isha’ or ‘Akshayapatra’ – […]

Making the world a little greener…

Isha foundation is doing a lot of good work in the fields of education, girl child, and environment. One of their projects is a tree planting program..and for as little as Rs. 50 you can ‘sponsor’ a tree… here.. in case you wish to give for education, you can do so here:     […]

Donate for the cause of Children’s education….

Here are 2 organisations working for educating the children….one believes kids need to be fed so that they are educated. take your pick, both do a good job…my job is to point people towards good causes… Our trek to Everest Base Camp Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin […]

Akshayapatra completes 11 years of Feeding….

  Akshaya Patra Foundation completed 11 years The Akshaya Patra Foundation completed 11 years of serving mid-day meals to children in government schools, as an implementing partner of the central and state government. 11th November is always a special day for Akshaya Patra, for it was on this day 11 years ago, that the Foundation […]

Charitable people!

A tells B – if I have 2 houses, i will give you one. If I have 2 cars, I will give you one. However if I have 2 shirts, I will not give you one. So B asks him – ‘Why are you saying that?’ A says ‘Because that is what I ACTUALLY HAVE’….. […]

Aid India gets an award…Chandra Anil

When my young sis Chandra Anil gave up a lucrative job in the Tech space and took up a job in helping kids..we were not surprised. She graduated when Y2K was at its peak..and she told me …’Sorry, tech jobs are boring. How exciting can it get when you change a ddmmyy to ddmmyyyy? Blunt? […]