Media advise on Market timing….or how you can lose a lot of money

Myth: Time in the market is more important that timing the market. This says that the longer you stay invested, the more chances of you making money. Again, only partly true. Good investors know that timing is all. While no one can call market peaks or troughs correctly all the time, we all can figure […]

Learning is a must!

  this post is partially repeated…it had appeared a couple of years ago in this very blog… I am sure all of you know the cap seller and the monkey story. So why am I telling you the same story again? No this is not the same story, it has a twist. A cap-seller was […]

some mistakes in equities…

In the recent past I have made some mistakes in equities…here are a few…. 1. Buying EID PARRY at 155, then averaging at 140: I still do think that sugar being decontrolled is a good thing to happen, but this investment is going to take a long time to make money for me. 3 to […]

Excellent Returns in Real Estate…..

Most people invest in equities, debt, real estate, …..and I guess they invest so that they are able to sell it at a premium later on, right? Well, when people speak to me they say “I bought a house for Rs. 80 Lakhs in just 10 years it is worth Rs. 1.9 crores”. Nothing wrong […]

How is your eating connected to your investing?

Is your investing similar to your eating? Let us see. If I were to call in a team of about 40 people into a class room and ask them a few questions…let us see what kind of answers we are likely to get. Then later on we will see why. 1. What kind of food […]

Mahesh Murthy vs IIPM

Not that I know Mahesh Murthy personally – i guess he is just a click away, nor do I hate Arindam Ponytail Chaudhuri….but here is a nice interesting post… I had got an application of a kid who had studied in the great college – and he had spent Rs. 1 million. The best job […]

In Bonds we trust…

Which is the safest country to invest? USA Which is the safest instrument to invest in? Bonds So the safest investment in the safest country has to be the US Gilts, right? Re-think. Re Rethink again. Welcome to the world of REAL RETURNS and inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices. The USA has […]