Investing and Meditation…

Internationally as well as Nationally it is now well known that meditation is playing an important role in fund management. Either it is a confirmatory bias – I know more people in the BFSI space so more stories are reaching me, or that meditation itself is getting very popular. Whatever it is, meditation seems to […]

Your Financial Vows! – a bakers dozen!

Not exactly financial vows, but there are certain things that you are much better off talking about financially speaking! A couple may fall in love or have an arranged marriage, but they surely meet before their marriageā€¦so these are things which they should talk about. 1. Spending habits: The chances are that the boy and […]

My blunders continued….

Over the last few months, I think I have underperformed the market. No clue simply because I do not remember ALL the transactions that are worth comparing. Let me clarify. I do trade on the portfolio that I hold. So if say I have 5000 Cummins and I feel it is over priced at 535, […]

Running and Investing

Is there any similarity between running and investing…well a few for sure. Investing is normally for a long term – as is running. The shorter form is called trading and among runners it is called sprinting. So when a runner says he is a short distance runner – it means he runs 100m (sprint) to […]

Rules of Investing: knowing not enough!!

Many of us know that there are rules of Investing. We also know that Rules are meant to be BROKEN. However whether you want to follow them or break them, there is no escaping knowing them! Here the aim is to warn YOU thatĀ  it is a complex world, and rules are not enough…… If […]

9 Investment lessons : must know these

If there are a few basic investment lessons, and you must know, these are the ones: 1. The earlier you start the better, but TODAY is surely better than Tomorrow. 2. Your total return depends on how much return you get on each portion of your portfolio. So if 10% of your money is in […]

Basic Investment philosophy

Here I am putting in some of my own effort, and some copied from the masters. Remember there are some very holy but useless sounding right advice. If you do not know how to do, LEARN them if you wish to be a good investor: A. Know yourself before starting to invest: 1. What kind […]