Very important Investment tips from a veteran…

There are some very important things that you should know if you are a decent investor…even semi decent is fine….by the way….. 1. Leverage: borrowing money to do a deal. You have no clue of the time frame for which you are doing the deal, but hope to make a killing. Normally the deal, the […]

learning from Ramayana

There are a lot of things to learn form the Ramayana. I have done many posts in the past on such learning, here is one more: Look at Ravana, and see what are his assets: First of all by any standards the man was rich. Translate it to today’s terms – he could be an […]

My blunders continued….

Over the last few months, I think I have underperformed the market. No clue simply because I do not remember ALL the transactions that are worth comparing. Let me clarify. I do trade on the portfolio that I hold. So if say I have 5000 Cummins and I feel it is over priced at 535, […]

What is cognitive dissonance?

What is cognitive dissonance? Actually the question should be why as an investor / wealth creator should you be aware of this! Cognitive dissonance is our need to justify all our actions – even if we know that it is not worth justifying. It is easier to see examples of what is cognitive dissonance. We […]

Real estate, equities or gold?

Where should an investor invest today? Equity markets? Real estate or Gold? – I am assuming that investors look only at these 3 asset classes – I do not know how to invest in horses, oil, other commodities etc. so I will stick to these 3 asset classes… Let us start with Equities. If some […]

What type of an investor are you?

First of all let me make a distinction between a saver and an investor. A saver puts his money in instruments which give fixed or very closed to fixed kind of returns. Examples of this are bank fixed deposits, PPF, National savings certificates, Endowment insurance policies, Retirement plans fully in debt instruments, etc. etc. These […]

Sins of Money Management

Money management is the whole process of getting wealthy and includes: earning, budgeting, spending, borrowing, accounting, taxation,  saving, trading, investing, etc……. So it is likely that some of the points here could be relevant to you but not to APPLICABLE at this point in time……but still please read on: 1. NOT knowing the difference between […]