Retirement Mistakes I see people make

I am not sure whether many people over the age of 70 read my blog but here is an article dedicated to them. What are the 2 risks in a Retiree portfolio? – running out of money during your last few years – or living too frugally and leaving back just too much for your […]

Target Date Funds

It is surprising that Indian mutual funds have not yet launched Target Date funds. It is a big money gatherer in the USA (remember Mutual funds are in the money gathering business not in the money managing business). What is a Target Date Fund and how does it work? Since we are in 2015 let […]

Can I afford this shoe for Rs. 9,000 ?

When somebody asks you a question like this, what can you really say? I have seen Suzie Orman say “you have $ 59,000 in a Roth IRA, you have………blah blah….” so go ahead and you will be able to afford it! I would like to take a slightly different route. Let us say the person […]

Transitting to retirement

What is Retirement? It is a stage when you do not do any WORK to earn money. The other way to look at it is to say ‘your MONEY accumulated is enough to feed you and meet your other needs – from a combination of income and capital gains’. So for a working couple, when […]

Financial Planner: Fees

Today every T, D, H and his aunty has become a financial planner. Largely it means they will provide you a cookie cutter questionnaire (if at all), mouth some brilliant one liners ( equity is for the long run, Hdfc Equity fund has a good long term track record, you must have a child plan […]

Feedback please!

Hi This is a question especially for people who have read my book on retirement…. That was my first book and it had a great response….about 50,000 copies sold…well I enjoyed it for sure!! Now I want a feedback….will you please tell me what was missing? The second revised REWRITING beckons! Would like to know: […]

Job or business? depends on your approach!!

The chances are that you are either employed somewhere or you are in a business. If you are in a business you understand that 1. First you create a product, 2. Make it, test it and then deliver it to the client 3. The client buys it uses it and then makes the payment…. Right? […]