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Should I invest in….Bitcoin, …etc…

Subra I have a portfolio of debt and equity investments. They are in pension plan, equity funds, some bonds, and some bond funds. I have been getting decent returns but I wish to turbo charge the returns…can you please suggest some more investments to boost my returns? A person I know in Bengaluru who is […]

Art of sitting tight doing nothing

Let me start by saying that our portfolio is a function of 2 things – a) what we do and b) what we do not do. Acts of commission and acts of omission. So I did not start my life by deciding what portfolio I should have in my life – how much work, how […]

Learning at Morningstar Investment Conference, Mumbai

At my age attending Investment Conferences is not of much use. Not that I do not have anything to learn, just that I do not have enough time left in life to be implement new learning. So learning is not of much use – except of course to write blogs. What did I learn from […]

Morningstar Investment Conference, Mumbai, 2017

I normally like to reach a conference an hour before the kick off. But thanks to amazingly bad routing by Uber, I reached half an hour before time! The first speaker was Anthony Serhan – and one key takeaway was that India was in the top (with USA) regarding legislation and disclosure. Must actually thank […]

Important Market lessons

Stock picking is a great profession and a very expensive hobby. However stock picking as a hobby will NEVER cease to attract men, women, boys and girls! They will just keep going at it, and it can hurt. Some important lessons: Stock picking is hard work. Real hard work. You need to read balance sheets […]

Investment gyaan from experience..

Continuing the gyaan series… Risk has to be managed BEFORE starting the journey, not AFTER the event happens Whether it is sex or investing – protection has to be taken before the event 🙂 Long term wealth creation has LONG PERIODS of wealth PRESERVATION, growth can wait Risk control is more GREED control in a […]

Some Investing gyaan…

‘This time its different’ – is used so often, but rarely believed!! See the run up in banks? History may not repeat, but it does rhyme, and hey IT COULD REPEAT!! Saving, Speculating, Trading and Investing have different meanings in English language please! Risk and Return – manage risk and return follows. Chase returns, risk […]