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What hurts traders and Investors MOST

What are the things that hurt a speculator, trader and an investor? Different things…but let us see… Leverage: Reckless leverage especially when you are dealing with client money or own friends, sibling, parents…money, Leverage can and does KILL.¬†Using leverage is the equivalent of stepping off of a car and jumping onto an old 2 wheeler […]

My best Investment Ever!

Cheating! This title was just to get you here. The best investments in your life too have been made in school, college, home, ….you invested in education, health, relationships, NOT MONEY. When Azim Premji or Bill Gates look back they too must be realizing that their biggest investments or their best was in people, relationships, […]

The best portfolio

As a person moves from age 22 to age 62…his portfolio too keeps changing. He/she gets some knowledge, some IFA advice, some Citibank’s help, some help from Motilal Oswal, some Hdfc bank RM, some broker, some classmate, blogs…and suddenly thrusts a ‘portfolio’ which he has created over time. Now if he has earned well, his […]

Lumpsum or SIP which is better?

Amazingly stupid thing to ask. Seriously amazingly stupid. Of course lumpsum IF YOU HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING AND STOMACH to take volatility. If I had Rs. 1.5 crores to invest today, I would take a bet on 3 shares, period. Rs. 5 million in each share and go to sleep. However if a school teacher with […]

Investing is tough because of probability!

Long, long ago when my head was full of black hair and foolish ideas I managed to attend a small meet by the senior Mr. Munjal. When asked by a journalist ‘should I buy Hero Honda shares’ he said ‘all 2 wheeler companies will go through a boom’. He was so right – Hero Honda, […]

Principles of Investing

It is not as though I have not said such things in the past. It is not that you have not read it – even in our book ‘You Can be Rich too – with Goal based Investing’, just writing once more..Remember Principles are etched in stone. They do not change with date or with […]

Investment Exercises

It is not being an investor for long periods of time and not get bored. Think of investing like running a marathon. Somewhere in the 19th km you are wondering why you did not sign up for 21km. Not just that your body is tired, it is that your mind is bored. Then think of […]