‘This time its different’ – is used so often, but rarely believed!! See the run up in banks?

  • History may not repeat, but it does rhyme, and hey IT COULD REPEAT!!
  • Saving, Speculating, Trading and Investing have different meanings in English language please!
  • Risk and Return – manage risk and return follows. Chase returns, risk follows!
  • Understand Maths? a 30% fall hurts, and a 30% rise does not come to the original capital, it takes more!
  • Co-relation means just co-relation, not causation
  • Statistics is an analytical tool, not a forecasting tool
  • We love to find patterns where none exists
  • Asset allocation is more important than fund selection or stock selection
  • Indexing works EVEN IN INDIA, you need to know how to analyze the date
  • When comparing Index funds to active funds TAKE dividends into account
  • Sadly the index does not get dividends, remember funds do
  • Our behavior biases are far far more dangerous than markets gyrations
  • Learn to relax – investing is NOT easy, let me repeat that. Investing is not easy
  • Personal finance is more about PERSONAL than about finance
  • Complex instruments are not really understood even by the people launching them
  • Complex instruments make money for manufacturer, distributor and client – in that order
  • BFSI hates you, but loves your money
  • An investment plan can become a disaster is it doesn’t line up with YOUR understanding, goals, objectives and risk tolerances.
  • Understanding a plan and implementing it to the T is not easy
  • Listening to advice includes hearing, understanding, implementing, monitoring and discussing feedback
  • Risk is far more complex than you think
  • Manage risks first – return is just the outcome – doesn’t have to be ‘managed’
  • We know much less than what we know
  • We think ‘our faculties’ will NEVER slow down, though we see OUR BODIES slow down
  • We see our parents age and think we will not need support in OUR old age. We are awsum people!

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  1. Hi subra sir,

    The best among the listed above was “Personal finance is more about personal than finance.”
    Your posts with these short oneliners are gems. Please share more on regular basis if possible. Have been following you sine 2+ years now though this is my first comment on your post. You have been inspirational for my personal finance gyan. Salute!

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