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Why younger people are not investing

It gets me worried that many youngsters are today not investing. Just not investing. A person earning Rs. 12L ctc is doing a Rs. 3000 SIP started when she was 23 years of age. No change in amount or increasing the SIPs. Not only in India, even abroad…here I am quoting an American website: “A […]

Investing for your children….

If you take the 40-60 year old, the biggest, or the toughest thing that he/ she has done is to buy a house. Especially for those nearer 60 years – their salaries were not so high, so they struggled more. So obviously now they want to make it easy for their kids to live their […]

Teach your children all this…..

A few things that you should teach your kids: 1. Be responsible for your actions: When a kid runs and gets hurt, do not blame the bed, table or chair. Teach the kid that the table was stationary, it did not do anything, and the blame cannot be on the table. 2. Patience: the whole […]

Marriage? be careful boys and girls!

I know parents of young boys and girls are going to kill me for this headline, but let me run a morbidity risk… When 2 young people get married they are starry eyed. Some of them even get married because of love! Well whether it is an arranged marriage or a ‘love’ marriage (which means […]

Teaching Children about Money!

The most obvious reason is if you do not teach money to your kids, nobody else will. So YOU must. And for all of us Children and Money both are very important. In fact the cost of having a child is so high that many people are wondering whether to have a kid and if […]

Is the MBA degree worth the effort?

I have been battered around for too many radical views….and saying the following things: – do not buy a house, rent it – LIC is a lousy investment, do not expect miracles from it – so on and so forth So having said all that let me ask you one terrible question: Is doing an […]

Teach personal finance to your Teens!

I deal with many kids in their 20’s and am normally shocked how little they know about personal finance! Here is a class 101 for parents on what their kids should know (I guess it is like sex education for the parents – they know it is important, but they are personally so confused, they […]