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Educational Loan for your children?

Should you fund your children’s education or should they fund it themselves? Like a true economist / CA I have to start by saying “It depends”. If your child has always been a good student and a responsible kid, you should wonder whether to fund the kid. Well if the kid is not so great […]

helping your children

Many parents who have one house go and buy another house late in life – so that both their children will have a ‘parental’ house. They are willing to do many things FINANCIALLY for their children. Why do they do this? I do not know, but I guess it is some kind of a show […]

Are we doing too much for our children?

I am by what my parents TAUGHT me. Not by what my parents did for me. By class V I had learnt to cook. My mom would tell me exactly what to do – she would be 12 feet away, but I learnt to cook that way. I still enjoy cooking. I feel far more […]

The lies we tell our children

We tell our children the following lies and when they find out about that they laugh or think of us as fools… Older people know what they are doing and so are in charge of life! People in power know what is good for us so they work in OUR interest AS we are in […]

Giving assets to children…reply

One Atiker had replied to ‘Giving assets to children’…I think it has to be replied…so here it is The article made me sad, I don’t know what in it made me sad. A pension of 28k is small ? Its income of some of my married relatives with kids. Everybody is not the same. So […]

Giving your assets to children

It is not easy to decide what to do with your assets as you get older. Here is a problem..feel free to write in your suggestions.. Let us say a person is 80 years of age and is dependant on his ‘interest’ income which is dwindling. He has a house worth Rs. 2 crores and […]

Teaching kids to value what they have!

I cannot tell my daughter ‘when I was your age I did not have that’. I actually had all those things that technology could provide – camera, music system, etc. while in school and then in college. I had access to even better cameras – my uncle and dad had them. So really nothing to […]