We tell our children the following lies and when they find out about that they laugh or think of us as fools…

  • Older people know what they are doing and so are in charge of life!
  • People in power know what is good for us so they work in OUR interest
  • AS we are in charge we have done well in our lives
  • We are here in life because of our planning and strategy
  • We planned to be where we are and we are in charge of our lives
  • All your learning happens in school / college
  • All your learning happens through books
  • The good and successful people have followed ALL THE RULES
  • The rules are made for the common good of all
  • What you read in the newspaper is always the truth
  • The press is here to report the truth
  • The best and brightest appear on Television
  • The more educated you are the more money you will make
  • The more effort needed to get a degree the more the holders of that degree will earn
  • There is a clear, single path to success
  • There is a clear, single path to God
  • Rich people are happy and satisfied
  • You should behave well and study well and not ask why somethings are being done
  • Better the marks, smarter the student – obvious is it not?
  • Vacations are more joy than school days
  • Your life depends on your MARKS because it decides your career.

Some of this is dangerous too. Children do think that life is in compartments. A good CA does not think that drawing or calligraphy can help in their career. Or a doctor does not know how to apply music in the process of healing. Or how being with dogs can help old people. Or how a senior citizen home can be combined with an orphanage. Or how to harness the English speaking skills of a senior citizen can be used to teach children in the neighborhood by using skype.

Our children will not be interested in whistle blowing because they have been taught to ‘comply’. They do not think of making their hobby their career.

If all children are asked to be silent always how will we have future lawyers?

If we do not show them different sources of information how will they challenge the printed word?

Will taking part in dramatics and dance not help future marketing and law professionals?





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  1. Thanks Subra for writing such amazing piece of Article. So much can be done in this countryif one is willing. Our senior citizens can use their skills to bring up change in society and there by getting satisfaction which help them to improve quality of their silver years.

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