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Risky Investment strategies

You are a young 35 year old couple and are saving for multiple goals – being debt free, buying a bigger house, children’s education, being a reserve in case either parents run out of money, …etc. You sit down as a couple and are reviewing your portfolio, what do you exactly do? Lemme guess you […]

You have to experience RISK

When Dhoni held the World Cup, it rightfully belonged to the whole of India. To the Indian cricketers who played in the 1930s – and they assumed that we will NEVER be able to beat the better prepared white man. To the Indian cricketers of the 1960s who went through the motions of foreign tours. […]

Where does risk come from?

Risk comes from various places…let us look at some of them… From success: when a person is successful and people around him are not, he/she runs a huge risk. When you sack low end employees / high end employees When you are arrogant about your money. You attract Jealousy. When you get an extremely one […]

The risks that people take – and destroy their lives

You will not even believe if I tell you that these are real life MISTAKES that I have seen people make. I then realized that many of us make these mistakes, but were just damned lucky! Here is a partial list: Giving bank guarantees for friend’s business loans and home loans Marrying without checking the […]

Risks of Risk Retention

I recently met a couple in their early 60s and they did not have any medical insurance. I was a little intrigued because they are they typical – government job, security, etc. worrying types and they had enough money to pay the premia. So why would they not have medical insurance? The husband asked me […]

Risk profiling hurdles..part 2

The risk profiling is done by a simple method – the risk questionnaire. Sadly when the unsophisticated client is filling it up, he does not always understand the wordings. Even if he is sitting with an IFA there seems to be a hurry to get over it so that they can go to the more […]

Problems of risk profiling..part 1

I got into a spat with an IFA about risk profiling. She was talking about risk profiling, and I said it is a waste if an IFA does risk profiling without understanding its limitations. No clue whether she understood what I said. Sorry to start with such a blunt statement, but it is true. Let […]