Risk comes from various places…let us look at some of them…

  1. From success: when a person is successful and people around him are not, he/she runs a huge risk.
  2. When you sack low end employees / high end employees
  3. When you are arrogant about your money. You attract Jealousy.
  4. When you get an extremely one sided agreement. The losing party will do anything to get out of that deaoul
  5. When you have far too much money compared to your siblings, cousins, etc…
  6. When you taunt people lower than you
  7. When you refuse a small / big loan to a frustrated s.o.b
  8. Being rich in a poor neighborhood is dangerous, must change neighbors
  9. When you say no to your own kids – if they think of you as a miser
  10. When somebody near you THINKS it is their right to YOUR money
  11. From immoral relationships
  12. From illegal and immoral relationships
  13. From EGO
  14. Parents killing children and children killing parents is NOT SO uncommon
  15. Extramarital / Pre marital relationships
  16. Partners / Employer / Employee cheating / perception of cheating
  17. When you marry way above/below social / financial standing
  18. When YOU cannot digest the success of people around you
  19. When YOU allow people around you to fill with venom

In most of the cases, the risk reduction can be done. What steps does one need to take:

  • Keep calm
  • When you see a crime / attempted crime, seek help quietly
  • Never confront a criminal without police / help of law
  • Never show off your money
  • Practice Vipasana – so that you remain calm even in adversity
  • Keep ego in check
  • Be helpful
  • Be modest
  • Show off wealth ONLY when people wealthier are around
  • If you are in a group of poor people talk about your LOSSES…
  • Wear modest clothes when you are with people poorer than you
  • Do not leave too much balance in one savings account – even your RM is a threatto
  • Never try to help somebody¬† ALONE -always take help of appropriate authorities


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  1. Already thought of your last point, RM is threat. It is not only for cash balance in savings account, if you have demat account with same bank or investing mutual funds through your bank, RM knows your entire asset details. To avoid this problem we should have demat and savings account with different broker/bank. Buy mutual funds directly in funds website or mfu/cams website this issue

  2. Also we need a clear regulation like what are our financial data our bank should know. That is not easy to define. Need to compromise between convenience and security to define that.

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