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Learning is a must!

  this post is partially repeated…it had appeared a couple of years ago in this very blog… I am sure all of you know the cap seller and the monkey story. So why am I telling you the same story again? No this is not the same story, it has a twist. A cap-seller was […]

5 Simple investment tips…that work always

It is not easy to give simple advice. It is ever more difficult to follow them. Simply because if you do follow them and make money, your MAIN assumption in life ‘what is complicated is good’ is shattered. Ok here are some old nuggets which I have said in the past, saying it now, and […]

Examples from Ramayana..

  Most of the teaching that I try to do is by story telling….and that is a problem for a few people. Last week I was talking to a few people – and it is customary to say ‘MMS and Kalam are good people…’. I said, sorry, once a bureaucrat, always a bur….t. And b..t […]

Kacha Devyani story: learning…

The technology space and certain sequence of operations in the finance space are big secrets. For example if I have developed a trading algorithm I would not like anybody to know the algo – especially if it is working well for me. Here in likes a dilemma – if somebody wants should you teach…or should […]

Life Insurance: Agents or Bancassurance?

No this is not an article of whether you should buy life insurance from a bank or from an agent…it is just leading to an article on MoneyLife. Agents tell me ‘we cannot sell a wrong product to the customer, because we have to go to the same guy again and again, but bank managers […]

Teach kids to think, not to follow

At my age I should be on the side of the parents of 24 year olds – but funnily I am finding it difficult in many cases. This is perhaps because many parents are like Hiranyakashipu (please read Dasavatharam). Hiranyakashipu was a demon who had so much ego that he wanted to be God. People […]

Keep mouth shut…

Relationship managers never had it so bad! Whatever they do, the client is not happy…and keeps threatening to walk away! Relationship managers have a lot of work to do – and one important job is sales. When they sell…they sell. So they have targets, they must keep talking…and life is really tough.. One important thing […]