Most of the teaching that I try to do is by story telling….and that is a problem for a few people.

Last week I was talking to a few people – and it is customary to say ‘MMS and Kalam are good people…’. I said, sorry, once a bureaucrat, always a bur….t. And b..t are normally spineless. If they have (had) a spine they remain quite low down, NEVER get promoted to big offices. However, if you want to achieve something, you should know when you should be tough….blah blah…

So one of my friends said …if ‘MMS is not the best candidate …who do you think is?’ …I said let us go to Valmiki and ask him….Here is what Valmiki asks Narada…and says please tell me…who is:

“Who really is that person in this present world, who is principled and also a potential one, a conscientious one, a redeemer, and also a truth-teller and self-determined in his deed..Who is he conduct-wise combined¬† with good-conduct… who in respect of all beings is benign… who is adept and also the ablest one… also uniquely good to look to¬† ……..Who is that courageous one, who controlled his ire, who is brilliant, non-jealous and even whom do the gods fear, when provoked to war…

Honest to God can one find a better definition of who should be a leader? Sure it can be ambitious…but so many years ago Valmiki Rishi has defined … a leader should be…..!

Now, when I joked with a few friends saying all my examples are from R , Mahabharta, and Bhagwadam….he said …”that is it, all the treasures are here….why search!!


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  1. Weaalth you create

    Here after Subra Sir…. Convey Message just like Grand Maa Stories.

    Grand Ma or Grand Pa style, what is important is the message you leave.

    By the way Good People : MMS and Kalam. I agree. Vajapaii Jii is one more i would like to add.

  2. Devdutt Patnaik uses examples from Indian mythology for explaining many business concepts. When my parents told me Mahabharta story, they told me that whatever can happen is somehow captured in Mahabharta.

  3. In the present political context it is only a certain Mr. Modi who seems to be the closest one to fit the bill.

  4. i donno guys. i dont believe in the great-leader hypothesis of history.well,atleast not in ‘democracies’.you might have an odd raja who practised his dharma. for social democracies,you can say with confidence that ‘the worst get to the top’.

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