The worst thing about writing a blog and trying to be original everyday is a quick realisation that you cannot!

Frankly there are only 140 pages that you need to write in personal finance. Beyond that it is re writing. Like if you have read Bhagavatham, Ramayana and Mahabharatha ….you have really captured all the emotions. After that it is just cut and paste.

These are the following topics:

Start early

Power of compounding

Equity gives volatile returns

Real estate gives inflation adjusted returns, but less than equity

Gold is but a commodity not backed by cash flows

Retirement saving is now Retirement Investing

Do not seek a financial planner, unless you understand what he can / should do

A planner who sells products is like a doc attached to a OT and pharma shop

….after you have written all this..what do you do?

Write the same thing in a different way, that is all. Like a TV soap re-run.

So you write on “Start your tax based investment in April”….or ‘You should buy that house when you are young’ – and quote a couple of people. Throw in a couple of examples…and you have a story.

My sympathies with the kids looking for stories in the mutual fund industry, life insurance,…….really nothing is happening.

People like me rubbish retirement plans, children plans, ….luckily I am doing this for fun..there is no way one can make money writing. Surely not in India. Yes it is easy to get a job in a mag ….but making a living out of writing personal finance, bah!

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  1. Hi

    Not sure if you what you write is good (I know too little to be able to judge, I read a few blogs and yours I like). However as a techie I see a lot of people trying to write on your blog (comments) in such a way that if you click on their names, it goes to their blog. You should NOT ALLOW THIS….it takes people away…….

  2. Subra: To some extent true but if you have acquired so much knowledge & information then why not spread it! Over the years, you might have discovered better ways of doing certain things or found new techniques or learnt something hard way! If someone else can learn from your experience isn’t that worth the effort? Besides, you enjoy writing the blog so its a win-win situation…. 🙂

    Keep imparting your wisdom on us and who knows kisike “dimaag ki batti” jal jaayegi…. 😀

  3. Every day financial frauds are reported on TV. It is a shocker to see the extent of frauds and new deceiving techniques highlighted. This is the area that needs lot of focus. Failure cases are plenty in Micro finance, Chit funds, insurance, RE deals, banking, RMs, Equity Tips, Gold.

    I suggest you to cover these so that more and more readers share their experiences and regular readers can benefit from these too.

  4. Sir, I agree, its the same stuff in new bottle.
    Love Story Movie – The theme is same. Presentation is different.
    Do people get bored. For some time one may but again they do come back.

    Shankar Bhatt,

    Links are part and parcel of web world. There could be serveral blogs who might be refering to Subra’s Blog. To be honest One of the Techie by Name Kiran posted a link in forum. Thats how i came in here. I thank him…. i dont know who he is but he brought me to this wealth of information.

    Yes i do have a blog. I dont advertise nor sell anything. Its just my passion to write about finance articles. Again i am Techie…

    Subra Sir,

    Please correct me if i am wrong.

  5. Unless you’re CB, you cannot make major money writing in India, period.

    As someone mentioned, same wine new bottle interspersed with your insight duly laced with caustic comment, on the scam of the day.

  6. reinforcement is not useless.
    it takes parents to repeat a thing say 100 times or more for children to catch a good habit(if u are not using stick).
    economic sense likewise which is a new habit and worse it has to overcome previously learnt bad habits if has to be ingrained somany repetitions are necessary.
    presenting in a story form is also not to be looked down upon. that is the best way to teach concepts without sounding like a preacher and keep interest alive. take ayn rands novels for eg.

  7. Shankar Bhatt

    No Hurt feelings PLEASE …but if you feel that People writing their names in such a way ,where it goes to other peoples blog and Thats Danger to subramoney …..Then it may not be correct.Let 7 people write their names a week , we will never go away from subramoney.Lets not be Narrow minded .You write something .Our fellow readers will click on your name too !

  8. Dear Sir,

    “What to do with ELSS fund after lock in period over?” – This could a topic to start with if not done before.

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