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Why this couple will never be rich!!

When a young couple came to me for a portfolio review…they asked me ‘when will I get rich’. It was the woman who was doing the talking and these are my views, as I told them…. “But..there are no guarantees of ‘richness’ the way you are seeing in the movies. If you are creating wealth […]

Being Humble as an investor is USEFUL

When you invest in the markets there is one solid reason to be humble. At least you are not driven to suicide when you get things wrong. At all points in time you have errors of omission and errors of commission. It is human tendency to think of your mistakes as ‘could have been avoided’ […]

Should savings be forced?

When you are young you are forced to do some things which you may or may not like. Like mugging up Kabir, mathematical tables, prayers, and of course all the English authors too. You are too young to understand the import – but you mug it nevertheless. As you age you realize the meaning, and […]

How to reduce clutter?

I am sure all of us want to reduce the clutter in our lives, but do not have the heart to do it, right? So let us start….at the very beginning. 1. Your possessions: Start with your clothes – count – you need 5 or 7 pants, throw out the balance. You need 12-15 shirts, […]

Observations and Experience!

If doing the first transaction is the start of an investment career, I have completed 36 years of investing. By any stretch of imagination this is a long term. This means I have the right to have some observations over this long haul. Let me enumerate some of them: 1. Your first step towards investing […]

Choose YOUR lifestyle!!

For many readers of it could come as a surprise if I said  “Go and splurge”. I try not to write too much about spending, bargains, etc. – I prefer concentrating on the wealth side. However what you ‘feel’ about money is pretty important. So you must go and spend money….BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE you […]

What hurts you financially…..really….

There are many things which hurt you financially. Obviously it is all the things that you do that matters..but not KNOWING the following things makes you behave in a particular manner. So NOT KNOWING THE FOLLOWING things is what is hurting you FINANCIALLY: 1. Not remembering that you too will retire: by the age of […]