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Why our service sector sucks!

‘We pay a lot of money but our service sector sucks’. How many times have you said this or at least felt so? Well, you are not alone. Let us look at our attitude towards service. When a kid says ‘I am joining an airline (or call center or…any such service job) our first reaction […]

Pursuit of Happiness

This one is completely original. It means it comes from my own observation, talks, reading etc. Writing books on retirement, or goal based investing is easy. The challenge is to see what really makes people happy. Even more important is that just in case people KNOW what it takes to be happy do they go […]

Look at life positively!

I know why Economics is called a dismal science – because economists and economic writers an see only the bleak part of life. They first demonised demonetisation. Then they took all deaths all over and converted that to a gau rakshak based lynching. Now they are saying GST can only create huge inflation and burn […]

Evidence based living…

All doctors practice ‘evidence based medicine’. Well almost all. It is the basis for professional decision-making, and a focus of most journal articles that doctors read. Using solid evidence to practice good medicine has been a foundation of clinical practice for decades. Doctors who do not follow ‘evidence based medicine’ run the risk of malpractice […]

Suffering of Entrepreneurship / Investing

What are your visions of being an entrepreneur or an investor? When I mean investor, I mean investing your own money, time, labor, sweat and tears. Not taking money from friends, relatives, banks, clients and running a sinking ship. I mean entrepreneur in the real old sense. If you think of a big office, great […]

Muted Return expectations

Most IFAs are scared to scale down the return expectations of clients. In the Indian context it is easy to see why. If you tell a client that he will get 8% in a debt fund, MOST middle class clients are going to turn around and say “I am investing Rs. 600,000 a year in […]

Accountability vitally important for good results

It may sound quite obvious, but ACCOUNTABILITY is vitally important for the success of an organisation or a PORTFOLIO. Many people who start their own business are never accountable to ANYBODY for their organisation’s success. Imagine a 32 year old leaving his job to start his own business. He can just rot and do nothing. […]