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Money Relationship with your parents

This is not a typical ‘event’! It is a series of complex steps and starts almost at birth. From birth a kid sees money, plays with it, counts, realizes the power it has. My daughter once told me ‘I want notes, coins do not buy anything’ – just an observation I guess! So right from […]

Talk Money with your partner!

It might be easier to get a father to talk about sex with his daughter than talk money! If you thought that Sex was the only topic that Indian families did not talk at the dining table, think again. I guess it is money. Why do people not talk money? They are either too shy […]

Appraisal time!

So it is appraisal time in many companies, right? Well for a company with Quarterly feedback system, anytime is appraisal time! Well what do people expect in an appraisal? Boss says …blah blah blah….so you get a 11% increment (varies 5% to 18%) with some occasional 30% one time corrections thrown in… Hmm..just heard of […]

Teach your children all this…..

A few things that you should teach your kids: 1. Be responsible for your actions: When a kid runs and gets hurt, do not blame the bed, table or chair. Teach the kid that the table was stationary, it did not do anything, and the blame cannot be on the table. 2. Patience: the whole […]

Top reasons to save money!

If you are a kid earning money – say you are about 25 years of age, do you ask yourself ‘why should I save money?’ Well if you are from an Indian family, chances are you have seen the people around you save money. Your parents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, bosses, colleagues – all of them […]

Budgeting as a couple

Recently attended many weddings, and so I started wondering how would these kids be talking to each other about money? What happens if the guys blows all the money and the girl saves everything? What happens if the girl needs to buy a new dress every month and the guy is happy to wear the […]

Smart equity reactions…..answers

On 31st August I had posted 2 questions…asking how do you think the reactions were.. Well in the first case when the FII threatened the management with dire consequences, the FII thought that the management would fall at its feet. However the broker knew one big limitation that that particular transaction had. So the brilliant […]