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Money for Prestige?

Why do you need money? To live? or for Prestige? I know a few Johns (u will see him in the story)..who have become CEO to tell the world “I am a CEO”. Some of them started younger, but some of them were in their 40s when they realized that they cannot ever reach the […]

I want to get rich…what to do?

“Subra Sir I also want to get seriously rich, what can I do’? This is a question that I am asked very regularly. One of the persons asking this is a 30 year old girl – and well educated at that. She is a Commerce graduate, and an MBA from one of the better colleges […]

If I had invested Rs. 10,000 in Wipro in 1980…

I have done this post in the past…and this is not a post on how this would have become 650 crores – or whatever. I am doing this post to tell you what response I get when I do such a post: If my father had Rs. 10,000 in 1980, he would have been the […]

The rare satisfied man..

Here is an old friend I met…he is 48 years of age, comfortably retired..but working to keep himself busy. This is how his Financial Goal statement would look if he made one…..oh ok..let me call it his Vision /Mission / Goal statement. I am 48 years of age, and certified that I have enough for […]

Living frugally will not make you rich

I got this on Google…and I think the original is in Mr. thanks. See the picture properly, only the bottom 2 can be got with money. I know one very insecure person almost 60 years of age who desperately tries to look rich (his networth will not live him 2 months without his salary, […]

Expectations bring disappointments…

When you start life you start very innocently. When a person says ‘I like you’ you believe it. When a person says ‘I love you’ or ‘I respect you’ – you tend to believe it. At a young stage of life or a relationship you do not attribute motives to any such statements. Then you […]

Why this couple will never be rich!!

When a young couple came to me for a portfolio review…they asked me ‘when will I get rich’. It was the woman who was doing the talking and these are my views, as I told them…. “But..there are no guarantees of ‘richness’ the way you are seeing in the movies. If you are creating wealth […]