Why do you need money?

To live? or for Prestige?

I know a few Johns (u will see him in the story)..who have become CEO to tell the world “I am a CEO”. Some of them started younger, but some of them were in their 40s when they realized that they cannot ever reach the corner office in their workplace.

So what to do?

Start your own company…strut around like a bull..and attract a lot of attention – oops generally this is a male thing- so attracting women, girls, offer jobs, …oh la la la….read on…sums up very well

Become a personal finance blogger? Surely you cannot make money – unless you take all the PR offers that come your way..and then it is short term – people find out and go away. If people go away, there are no offers.

There is zero prestige in being a personal finance blogger, but I love being one 95% of the time. It’s only about 5% of the time I get annoyed due to some callous remarks from strangers with no intellectual backing. I’m sure most people have no idea how lucrative being your own independent publisher can be either, which is just fine by me. Every day is a joy to come up with new topics to write about or solidify new thoughts. NO, I do not have a bankable online or offline brand. I am a trainer and that stays as it is.

I’ve got very little power either. Let’s give it a try. All readers who’ve been reading Financial Samurai (Subramoney) since January 1, 2014 (2007) please send me at least $100 via Paypal to my e-mail address at the end of my About page. It takes a lot of work writing these posts and responding to comments! Are you not at least entertained? Alas, I don’t expect anybody to follow through because we live in the world of free.

– See more at: http://www.financialsamurai.com/the-unhealthy-desire-for-prestige-is-ruining-your-life/?curator=alphaideas&utm_source=alphaideas#sthash.zV3HbNRb.dpuf


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