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What scares me in a mutual fund today

It must have been in 1998/9 when I heard about SIP for the first time from Suraj of Franklin Templeton – he now is the boss man in UTI. A fan of SIP me and many others like me have been espousing the cause of SIP for the past 20 odd years. It is a […]

Stop pretending you are rich!

Most fathers or should I say parents live a fairy tale life. It makes it impossible for them to scale down their ‘i deserve this’ life style. So if a parent is earning well and spending well there is a need to ask him the following. Well some of the things that I have asked, […]

Consultancy: the tough part

What is the most difficult part of the Consultancy business? Implementation. I am convinced that ‘strategic’ consulting is easy, the tactical consultancy – the nuts and bolts is difficult. Let me tell you what a dentist told me. “I can see a patients teeth and see neglect – improper brushing, no flossing (oops what’s that?), […]

Do You want wealth? Really?

Every normal Economic Man should aim at the following: Maximize earning Minimize expenses Minimize legal taxes Improve health Maximize wealth post tax Are these assumptions correct? or am I being foolish? Well these assumptions are correct, but I do meet people who do not think so. Some of their arguments are different. Let me tell […]

Can you create wealth…part 2 of 3

The ability to do anything is like building muscle in a gym. Or like building stamina. It happens little by little. Even the ability to stop spending money on things that you do not really need is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. After a while, you realize that […]

Can you create wealth? Part 1 of 3

Do you have that ‘W’ factor in you to create wealth for yourself and your family? I am asking this because I meet many people who DO NOT WANT to create wealth. Difficult to believe? Well when you deal with the huge number of people that I deal with you too will be surprised. Initially […]

8 Reasons not to buy life insurance for your kids….part 2

Continued from yesterday posts…the remaining 4 reasons… #5 ULIPs are Very Poor Investment Vehicles: Well for people who can reverse engineer a ULIP, there are ways to make ulip efficient. However, as a general rule, ULIP is a bad/ terrible investment. Normally it is ULIP which is sold as a child plan (assuming that the […]