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Sir John Templeton’s Investment Rule Nos. 1, and 2

No. 1.  INVEST FOR MAXIMUM TOTAL REAL RETURN When you invest, your ONLY AIM has to be to increase the family’s net wealth over a long term. This means the return on invested amounts after all costs, taxes and inflation.  This is the only rational objective for most long-term investors. Any investment strategy that fails […]

Why Equity markets out perform Bond markets? Part 1

Bond traders and Equity traders are so different! When you meet the two of them in different groups, you wonder how a CIO handles both these animals! Most myths around the world are that ‘Bond traders’ are smarter than their Equity counterparts. Well, lets not get into banana peel area! Why equity out performs bonds […]

When it’s time for you to retire, will you be able to afford it?

  Every person you see working beyond the age of 59 is worried about his or her retirement. Almost all the research conducted on the subject over the last few years shows that most individuals are unable to demonstrate financial readiness for their retirement years. The Oasis research says the average balance in the provident […]

Tips for Financial Mental Peace

In this world of Social Media there is heightened awareness of the holidays that your friends are taking, their new house, to keep your sanity while living in this world..well here are the few smart steps: Live far below what your income allows you to: there is no need to show off your style […]

Personal Finance and Marriage

Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, there will always be money issues to handle. It is surely not easy, and not a topic which people talk. I am seeing girls with prima facie better qualifications in the job market getting married to guys with not too great a future. Sure they […]

Things to do in a Market correction

Sadly markets do not tell you in advance ‘the next 8 months are going to be a bear phase’…so whether it is a market correction or a bear market. So how do you know how to react to a bear or a bull market? Well lets say you started investing in 2015..and you got 12% […]

Basic Financial Advice

This is a post that should be read by all 23 year old kids. If you did not read this when you were 23, read this now. However, make sure that you get some other 23 year old also reads this….and see what works for whom….  Saving more is good. However to get rich, YOU […]