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XBRL Quality issues 2011 and 2012

The XBRL filing is up and running…and this is the second year of MCA xbrl filing (C and I)  in India. In the first year of operations the MCA was very liberal and may not have prosecuted bad / poor filing. However, it does not mean that they were happy with the quality of work […]

XBRL filing MCA India 2012

In the current year with the deadline of 30th November, 2011 staring at us in the face, is it possible for companies to comply with Mca norms? I mean do we have the time to convert all our companies, accurately, and file it with MCA – if we do it on our own? This is […]

XBRL conversion process 2012

  It is now compulsory for many companies to file their Annual Returns in XBRL format. Let us look at the process involved in doing this: One of the methods of getting it done is by giving it to a service provider, who will take the data from you, and convert it into xbrl. You […]

XBRL filing year ended March 2012

  The question on top of the mind for all chartered accountants, directors, company secretaries is : What is the last date for filing the Annual Return of a company for the year ended 31st March, 2012. Right? If that is your question too, you have come to the right place. To file your Annual […]

XBRL made easy….

This year the xbrl return filing is likely to be extended to a bigger range of companies…Not sure whether and if it will happen, but that is what one hears. Last year was the first year of xbrl filing and year ending March 2012 will be the second year. Tagging of the 3 financial documents […]

XBRL filing is on!

XBRL filing – is up and running! Iris Business Services Limited was the first company to file it – they filed it at about 2.30am Saturday! Many companies are trying to file – and I believe many are failing. Clearly it is not an easy thing to do. You need a software to do it […]

xbrl mca conversion: last date is 30 November 2011!

Many companies are taking the view that the last date for filing their Annual Return with the MCA is 30th Nov, 2011. Then they back calculate and say it will take 15 days for the vendor to create an xbrl document. They think they can get up on 12th November, and be compliant! I wish […]