If you had an attack….

  If you had a heart attack or a paralytic attack, what would your family do? I am assuming that I am addressing the head of the family. Now if you are NOT the head of the family, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you know who all to call if there was such […]

Children’s attitude towards money!

Our children’s attitude towards money is largely fashioned by our attitude towards money. So if you and your wife fight about money, or argue about money or hide things from each other, rest assured your prince or princess is watching you. One needs to be very clear in the communication with the kids. Keeping an […]

AIG to sue the Government….

Not sure how many people saw the news item of AIG wanting to sue the New York Fed for ‘bailing’ it out of the fiscal mess. Well it is not AIG, but its ex CEO Mr. Hank Greenberg who controls Starr International who is keen on the suit filing. If you are an American tax […]

‘Entitled Generation’

There is Gen X which believes that the next generation – Gen Y – is the ‘entitlement generation’ . I have a slightly different view. The Gen X has in many cases exploited their parents – right from looking after their children, using their services like a servant, occupying their houses – there has been […]

buying assets without borrowing….

  When it comes to buying any asset – I am using the word loosely there is a tendency to borrow. Borrowing actually helps you immediately by allowing you to buy beyond your means. The problem with most things we buy is that once we buy it, it ceases to hold any attraction for us. […]

Payoff Mortgage or Invest….continued

Let us take a real life case and see what is to be done when you have a lump-sum amount. Should you repay the loan amount or should you Invest that money? The sad part is YOU need to take a decision TODAY and you will be judged (you may be the judge) after 5, […]

what is the REAL VALUE of a good advisor?

I have never been able to say what is a fee that a planner should charge? there are people who should be charged Rs. 10,000 a year and some people who should be charged Rs. 10,00,000. This should NOT depend on the time spent, it should be based on: a. have i been able to […]