Entry of the East India Company after just 65 years…welcome

Did you know that if you are dealing with a non psu bank, you are dealing with a foreign owned bank. India registered, oh yes, but foreign owned. Did you know that airlines will soon be owned by foreign capitalists? that the retail will soon be opened up for the Marks and Spencer?  and the […]

Payoff Mortgage or Invest….continued

Let us take a real life case and see what is to be done when you have a lump-sum amount. Should you repay the loan amount or should you Invest that money? The sad part is YOU need to take a decision TODAY and you will be judged (you may be the judge) after 5, […]

Media for money gathering…

Many articles in the media sound like PR handouts of the BFSI space, and it makes for amusing reading. Let us take articles saying ‘an income fund or a liquid fund is better than a bank deposit because it is tax efficient….etc. I do agree with that logic, and I do think that income funds […]

Real estate prices are holding up the recovery?

Every business has to have an office. Preferably in Mumbai or New Delhi. This could of course be rented, but many of them prefer to buy it. They need CAs, advertising agencies, car hire companies, and zillions of other service providers. Where should the service providers be located? In Mumbai or Delhi. Then it needs […]

Short term or Long term

If you qualified in 2007..and started a SIP in 2008 in a long term equity fund, chances are your account is still in the red. Trying telling this kid ‘In the long run you will make money’. Even well qualified and older persons are finding it difficult to believe their ‘wealth creation strategy of doing […]

Your retirement plan..do it yourself

As the economy gets more open and more connected to the world, investing is becoming and will become more difficult. Once upon a time you bought a HUL, L&T, …(sorry I am saying all this with hindsight bias) and then hoped that life is easy. You joined the government services and were sure that at […]

Financial worries for youngsters….

Hi my definition of a youngster – for this post – is those people born say 1980 and later. This post was triggered by a comment on the annuities post. Let me enumerate: 1. Most of these people started their working lives say from 2002 onwards. So from 2002 to 2007 they were told by […]