BFSI: Wake up! Clients are angry and screaming

Yesterday a cousin had to convert a pension plan to an annuity, and he had sought my advise. He had an accumulation of a small amount to be converted. They had sent him a form to his residence – he had filled it up and brought it. The form was complete in all respects…so he […]

Insurance selling is very difficult…but…

  These days selling life insurance is very difficult, well that is what we are told. That is true if you explain all the features in the policy. If you were to simply do a mis-selling, then like other things in life, it is possible to come out unscathed! So the people in the industry […]

Two important news items: Times of India, Mumbai edition, 1st April, 2010

an old article being reposted. Look at both these stories from a personal finance point of view…I believe Naushad wanted his family to go through a lot of trouble, but not confirmed…read on…. There are two news items in today’s Times of India – both related to personal finance. One is about Naushad (who knew […]

Direct Investment in equities: Problems

Whenever I do a program on investments or personal finance, people rush to me, and ask “Are you saying direct investment in equities is so difficult, that we should not do it ourselves?” My answer is normally yes. That is because for most of the people I meet – whether they be Relationship Managers in […]

Mis selling, cheating, falsification of records….in insurance sales?

Was speaking to a senior person in the life insurance business. Interesting times indeed. Sales are down, and you think ulips are not selling? You gotta be wrong. This company has appointed a big National Distributor to sell their products. Obviously they are selling wrong. Clients signatures are forged, signatures are ‘photoshopped’ on the form, […]

How people invest….

Nice to see many many many articles, blogs, even legislation which are meant to ‘help’ the uninformed, poor investor. Let us look at the assumption of what these intellectuals and bureaucrats think about the behavior of the end investor: 1. The investor is rational: Fair assumption based on the Economics that they have been taught […]

My financial planner!

  One person came to me saying ‘This is a financial plan that my planner has done, is it good?’. The plan was elaborate – cash flows for 10 years into the future, what product for each goal, rate of return assumption, – all this was there. It ran into 59 pages and could be […]