Debt Market class….basics

People end up asking me some very basic debt market questions too…so here is an attempt to help them…if they do not know the basics Continuing the debt class, have you ever wondered what assets can you invest in to meet your debt requirement? Well there are many – and most of them you know […]

Why Interest rates in India are wrong!

Most of the Governments of the world have been subsidised by the middle class. Let me explain. The biggest borrower in India is the Government of India – about 80% let us say. Now this government along with the RBI can decide the interest rates for most of us. They decide: at what rate PPF […]

Banks become insurance brokers!

WoW that is amazing, right? banks become brokers, so what is in it for you? Well, er, sorry, but NOTHING. Really, nothing. Ok, do you know how a shop sells cell phone connections? – 99% of the customers will not care whether they buy a Bharti Airtel, Tata, Reliance….so the shop keeper sells the ones […]

Mis selling, cheating, falsification of records….in insurance sales?

Was speaking to a senior person in the life insurance business. Interesting times indeed. Sales are down, and you think ulips are not selling? You gotta be wrong. This company has appointed a big National Distributor to sell their products. Obviously they are selling wrong. Clients signatures are forged, signatures are ‘photoshopped’ on the form, […]

10 Most imp things to see in life insurance…Sbi ad…continued…

7. Confirm tenure is appropriate: “The insurance representative offered me an endowment policy for 30 years…and at age 44…I am wondering how will be able to pay the premium after I retire…what should I do Subra?”. GENUINE READER QUERY…My answer is a separate post….will do it soon. Here it is: Appropriate tenure of a risk […]

Suicide claim

  Yesterday i was watching an episode ‘Crime Patrol’ on Sony TV. I have no clue of the names of the characters, but that does not matter. The story is about a young businessman based in Gujarat…and he thought he was being smart. Sad, as the case is, he was actually getting his family into […]

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