Conversation between an asset manager and his regulator

Here is a fictitious conversation between an asset-manager and an asset manager’s regulator. Asset Management Association: Good Morning, Mrs. Regulator. R: Good Morning, please take a seat. AMA: Sir, our business is not profitable at all, we need some help. Regulator: Oh yes, the Sarkar was also telling me that we need to help you. […]

Financial services are profitable, do not worry

“Mutual funds are no longer profitable”; “It is not worth being in the life insurance business” – you have heard this and variants of this from the ad driven media, right? Well the truth is not very close to this. Let us take the case of Hdfc Mutual fund. Given the huge AUM already under […]

We need a market for viaticals…

Suppose you have bought a policy from one of the life insurance companies (classic endowment) and wish to surrender it, what do you do? Go to the life insurance company and say “i wish to surrender this plan please”. They then follow a very complicated path and tell you how much they will pay you. […]

A letter to the Graduating class of India

We represent the gen born in the 1960s and we know everything. Yes everything. We represent banks, psu undertakings, life insurance companies, mutual funds,…and all the employers in India. Here listen: 1. “We will recruit you and invest in training” – do not believe this. We expect you to hit the market running on Wednesday […]

Mis-selling myths

Awesome news item saying that IRDA is cleaning up. Great. The way the financial services sector is structured, it should not be difficult to do it. There is only one downside. 38 mutual funds and 16 life insurance companies will close down. So the media being supported by them will shut down. No more sponsors, […]

What topics I will not write on!

Here is a quick list on what I will not write on: -Taxation esp personal tax. There are more than enough people doing this. -Stock specific tips etc. I may do it once in a while, but not as a regular thing, and not something that is useful. I mean I will not do updates […]

Insurance claims settlement….

A few days ago I had posted a chart showing how the claims settlement ratio looks like in life insurance in India. LiC was at the top with about 97% and some of the newer firms were at the bottom at 50%. Of course it was a play on numbers and for the common man […]