Do I need a financial Planner?

this article will help you decide do you need a financial planner..

Professional services: Fees

How much should a professional charge as a fee? This is a question that I have found almost impossible to answer. Let me tell you why. Suppose you have a client who has a slightly complicated family relationships. The client is a 65 year old widow who is rich, and has the following assets: One […]

are you financially compatiable?

When 2 people get married……we hope that they are financially compatiable, sometimes they are, sometimes they are not… Here are the details of a couple …and they had an amazing story. I took their permission to share the story with you… He is 42 she is 37 years old. He works for a huge pharmaceutical […]

do not delay your investments…

When it comes to saving and investing, people are obsessed with the returns they’re going to get on their money. Whether it’s debating the merits of a particular investment strategy, discussing the pros and cons of insurance, pensions and mutual funds (or increasingly unit linked plans) or simply searching for the best interest rate on […]

Inheritance: how do I deal with it?

  Today there are people who live up to the age of 95 as well as those who die at 59. Some of them have very smartly multiplied their money and some live on a hand to mouth basis. Depending on what your parents have done, and what you have done with your own life, […]

What type of an investor are you?

First of all let me make a distinction between a saver and an investor. A saver puts his money in instruments which give fixed or very closed to fixed kind of returns. Examples of this are bank fixed deposits, PPF, National savings certificates, Endowment insurance policies, Retirement plans fully in debt instruments, etc. etc. These […]

Retirement : Watch Baghban again

Ps: this article is about 5 years old, and they still are floundering. The names have of course been changed, and the airline hidden, but you can guess. Imagine a couple working in Kingfisher! No clue who is paying their EMIs!! now read on…     I was aghast when Capt. Ajoy Athalye walked into […]