Investing and Meditation…

Internationally as well as Nationally it is now well known that meditation is playing an important role in fund management. Either it is a confirmatory bias – I know more people in the BFSI space so more stories are reaching me, or that meditation itself is getting very popular. Whatever it is, meditation seems to […]

do not delay your investments…

When it comes to saving and investing, people are obsessed with the returns they’re going to get on their money. Whether it’s debating the merits of a particular investment strategy, discussing the pros and cons of insurance, pensions and mutual funds (or increasingly unit linked plans) or simply searching for the best interest rate on […]

Talking to children about money responsibilities…..

  I meet all kinds of kids – and it is worth seeing their attitude towards money and their parents. Of course their attitude is a function of what they have seen – and they have seen you. So if you are irresponsible, hey they too will be. Some kids think that their parents owe […]

Why people lose money while investing…

It hardly matters whether it is equities or real estate, the reasons why people lose money is so simple to enumerate: 1. Not knowing the difference between trading and investing: they buy some shares, hope it goes up when it does not they sell off. Since they do not know whether they should be averaging […]

Equity Markets give good average returns!

There are so many people today masquerading as financial planners, financial trainers, financial experts on media…I was amused when I heard the statement ‘Equity markets give good average returns’. If you ask me this is brilliant but useless advice! Why? Because to understand equity markets you need to understand Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Standard Deviation, […]

Financial Goal setting is step one in financial planning

Goal Setting is deciding the end-point of your planning exercise – determining where you want to go. The more tangible your goals, the easier it is to plan for their realization. Begin by listing both your short and long term financial goals. Short-term goals are things you want within the next five years – a […]

Are you better off than 5 years ago?

Well, if you were in the US and I were a Pres candidate…i would have been forced to ask you this question. Well politics aside, this is a question that you should keep asking yourself EVERY year. In case of your personal life, hobbies, work, relationships, etc. you need to frame your own questions.I do […]