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Subramoney and non Expiring posts

I have a few die hard fans who may have read all the posts that I have written, and I am really thankful to them. It is not easy to read such thoughts which appear from time to time and which is not really well indexed and tagged. Some of the outcomes of the discussion […]

Fan Mail

Hi Subra (I should call Respected Actually) This is a very long pending mail which i am supposed to send you. I wholeheartedly thank you for virtually imparting all the knowledge. I wish you all success in whatever you do now. Expecting a Equity book soon! All the best! I just saw your comment in […]

Media Question and answer

Subra ¬†How was the market in 2016 and what do you think the market will do in 2017? Answer: I quite liked the question about 2016 – I am sure there are enough websites which will tell you that the over all market went down by about 1%, and a few sectors did well and […]

The future of

I actually do not know why I am writing this post..but here it is. One thing I was told and found out in life is to call it quits when the going is good. I know one thing – at 6500 readers a day, I have reached the plateau if not the peak of my […]

Subramoney disclaimer

Once in a while I meet a person in the real world or in the digital world who scares me no end. My examples are taken as tips and generic advice as personal financial advice. You seriously need to have your head examined if you think this blog is an investment advisory. It is not, […]

The Art of blogging..

Frankly I do not think there is anything written about the art of blogging. Yes there are tons of material on the science of blogging, but almost nothing on the art of blogging. When I started blogging, honestly, I did not know why I was blogging Clearly there was no goal of getting ‘6000 visitors […]

A blog caters to a wide range of audience

it is always difficult to make a pitch for the average reader. I have no clue who is the average reader of my blog is. I know that there are PhDs in finance, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering who read this..I know there are kids in class 10 who read Yesterday I got 2 mails […]