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Sorry guys this is only an observation…

Amazing how when people read something, their guilt pangs are tickled :-). I see exploiting children, exploiting wives, husbands, parents, in-laws, siblings. I dare say I interact with far more people than many (or most) of you. Please do understand that the fact that YOU are an exploiting parent does not mean that there are […]

Caveat Emptor….

Caveat Emptor ….is of course Buyer Beware…for the readers of this blog… is a blog run by P V Subramanyam a graduate of Mumbai University. That is the only qualification he has…of course he has passed a few exams on accounting, cost accounting and secretarial functions. He is also trained as a lawyer. This […]

Why do I blog…

I have written many times about why I blog…..or why financial bloggers blog –   to attract customers for their services: not me..My services business has never got any business because of my blogging. I would be happy if I am not hurting my clients and prospects….forget attracting them. to impact policy: you got to […]

Who is an expert?

Amazing what the 2003-2007 boom in the markets have done to people! Many people have taken their income from 2001-2007 and are extrapolating that growth over the next 20 years, so some of them are hoping to retire on a salary of Rs. 3 crores a year – at least that is what the excel […]

Challenges in writing a blog/ book

Not sure whether all the readers know / understand / appreciate in writing a book or a blog. So I thought I should share some thoughts at least: 1. No clue about the audience: I have NO clue at all about who reads my blog. Even if I know some names, I have no clue […]

should I, should I not…?

assuming this is a personal finance site (which predominantly it still is)…..and the fact that many of us know that there is a huge connection between health and wealth….and there is a huge connection between sensible living and good health…and there is a huge connection between healthy thought, healthy actions, healthy food and good health….. […]

Beware of is a blog / website written by P V Subramanyam a past member of the stock exchange and has a reasonable working knowledge of the equity markets. He has been a trainer in banks, life insurance companies, mutual funds and brokerage houses, and claims he knows how many of these organisations work. He has […]