I actually do not know why I am writing this post..but here it is.

One thing I was told and found out in life is to call it quits when the going is good. I know one thing – at 6500 readers a day, I have reached the plateau if not the peak of my digital reach.

I have been slowly avoiding / reducing writing for other publications – when you say no a couple of times, they also stop asking for free stuff. So you will see my byline very few times going forward. Giving bytes and suitable words is no longer exciting, and as Taleb says ‘sensible soundbytes’ is an oxymoron.

The financial press is clearly a slave of the short term trader / investor which means there is very little scope for people who write about a) equity is for long term – and 20 years is not really long term b) buy only term insurance…etc.

And my lectures keep me busy. Thank God for that. Even there I have almost zero time commitment to colleges – the effort does not seem to be worth it. The training in corporates on the other hand is far more attractive – from a free floating content and monetarily too.

I only do 3 types of training these days –

  1. Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day
  2. Wealth Prescription for Doctors
  3. You Can be Rich too: with Goal based Investing

these last from 3 hours to about 5 hours including the Q and A.

So not sure what 2017 brings for us….

Happy New Year !!

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  1. subra.com can be continued by others who have same attitude and inclination!

    2. its nothing wrong in writing or appearing on financial tv channels and papers,
    3. just because we have certain “ethics” we are not superior to others!
    4. the goal is to reach the “illiterate” poor labour class to invest in equities”!
    5.till that time no retirement ! for subra guru!
    nothing to feel disappointed or elated! continue good work dear subra ji!

  2. Dear Subra Sir!

    Your writing on Subramoney.com is way beyond valuable. It is almost necessary for you to write for the young and old alike!!! So please keep doing that.

    As a side, i wanted to know if you still will provide guidance and financial planning help to people that you seem worthwhile. For a fee of course.

  3. Dear Subra Sir,

    Its been a long association with your and your writing on this blog. Hope you continue this journey and keep us enlighten with your views and advise for years to come…..

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have been following your blog since 2012. Your advices and pointers has made me immensely conscious of my financial decisions. But for this blog I would not have got to see my finances grow like this and in turn my confidence.

    I hope this will continue in 2017 and for many more years.

    The beauty about this blog is that you never question the products we buy but the way we think before and after we buy. Its a great eye opener.

    Please continue this great work. You have elevated yourself to a position of Guru than a blogger for many of us.


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