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Doctors and Insurance

The Indian education system sadly lacks any training on financial matters. So whether you are a CA, doctor or an engineer, you actually have no clue on how to plan your personal financial life. THIS ARTICLE is a request to doctors to see an INSURANCE professional of decent repute to understand their complex insurance requirements. […]

What is scary about any insurance is this…

You took life insurance so that your wife can get money when you die. However the insurance company decides not to pay…and takes you to court…and it takes your wife about 20 years to get the money. In the meanwhile your children have grown up, the relatives have taunted her saying ‘see you will not […]

Insurance companies please pay heed!

Many life insurance companies have a very big advertising budget. They also have a huge budget for spending on the social media, and I am not sure if they are happy with the results. I am convinced that they are not putting enough effort to make the necessary impact. Let me tell them what are […]

Insurance – when things go wrong….

  Just because one is angry with an insurance company, one cannot decide to live without insurance. Not just life – health, car, event…….it is an essential tool of business. Here are some reasons why you need insurance. Insurance – Life or General is largely about answering some questions like “What if….goes wrong”? The fundamental […]

A new insurance sales method…..

Good morning Mr. Subramanyam, this is Mr. A Saxena from Metlife Insurance company, can I speak to you for 5 minutes? Me: Yes please go on… Saxena: Sir you have 3 policies of Metlife which has expired, and ML has returned only Rs. 25,000 to you. Actually you have paid Rs. 125,000. We found that […]

I hate paying the premium

Is is possible for me to get the adulation, fame, success of a Sachin WITHOUT putting in the efforts, dedication, of Sachin? Besides of course, having the talent? The answer seems to be damn simple, right? However in the financial world people expect magic and there are some people promising that. People do not wish […]

10 top reasons why you should have your own Medical Insurance Cover…

A friend called to ask…tell me precisely what can go wrong in a group policy: 1. First of all you are dependent on your employer. That does not sound too great, does it? 2. Your employer could just do away with medical insurance completely. Period. 3. Suddenly your parents could be excluded – and if […]