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Buying a financial product – part 2

  Buying any financial product is not easy. Let us look at a product like life or even general insurance. Fact is, you are buying a ‘security’ – you want to be reasonably sure you are dealing with a good company, right. What do people look for: 1. Can I buy it online: Ease of […]

Medical Insurance: Please get your OWN policy

I have always held the view that you should have your own medical and life insurance – do not trust your company to cover you sensibly. Most general insurance (medical) decisions in corporate India is a finance and HR decisions. Rarely, if at all are they equipped to handle this decision. Let me give you […]

Medical care expenses…you need insurance cover!

Recently, a friend of mine wrote a cheque for Rs 14,45,000, the sum total of the hospital and care bill for his father. And this amount was spent in less than six months. At least, this friend works in a great company has a great salary, and a very, very high savings (and investment) rate. […]

Medical Insurance

‘I do not need medical insurance, my company gives it to me’ – an often heard comment. The medical insurance salesman is not a very high profile guy – typically he can fill your form, may not understand too much about ‘exceptions’…and in all probability accept this stupid argument. However when somebody tells me this […]

Which medical insurance should I buy?

A good question. Let us start at a very different place. Have you ever searched for tickets on the net? On many travel sites? Have you got DIFFERENT answers? Different prices? Have you noticed that many websites behave like Indian Airlines (Air India?) does not exist? And in many places they are CHEAPER than the […]

Why take an insurance policy?

Insurance is about answering questions like ‘What if something were to happen to me?’. Since most of the times we do not have an answer for questions like ‘What if…i were to fall down…’…or many other ‘WHAT IF’ kind of questions – see this article on Money Mantra… Post Footer automatically generated by Add […]

No commission on insurance sales!

There was an amazing news item now. Mr. D Swaroop said Rs. 15,000 crores was paid as commission to the insurance distributors, so they have decided to eliminate commissions. Fantastic idea, should be immediately implemented! Vow! So the investors save Rs. 15,000 crores. A quick calculation showed that the insurance companies paid Rs. 22,000 crores […]