Buying any financial product is not easy. Let us look at a product like life or even general insurance. Fact is, you are buying a ‘security’ – you want to be reasonably sure you are dealing with a good company, right.

What do people look for:

1. Can I buy it online: Ease of buying.

2. Is it cheap? : Price

3. Is the documentation simple? – ease of operation


However when you are buying insurance what you should be looking for is:

Will this company pay the claim at all?

Will this company make it easy to claim the amount, and in case of medical insurance is there a cash less option available?

Will I have the patience to deal with the company in case of a claim?

Of course there are some people who :

Do not care about web based execution, they are not comfortable dealing on the net. Yes they are a small minority, but yes sure they exist even in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru….

These people look for an agent – who (they hope) will help them with their claim….we will look at that in another post…


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  1. subra,
    i was blessed with a my agent who walked me thru the policy clearly and defined exactly what they are. he put all the options outs including what his commissions were. we made an informed decison on the product even though the premium amount was higher. he hs now retired and happily settled. i wish the man the best cos he started me on the way of financial independance.

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