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Invest in simple, long term plans

Investments play a pivotal role in financial planning and are mostly accompanied by risks. This is crucial for novice investors to understand at the outset of their investment portfolio. Investment vehicles, which have pros and cons attached to them also carry equal weight in determining whether the investment plan will turn out to be lucrative […]

Expectations bring disappointments…

When you start life you start very innocently. When a person says ‘I like you’ you believe it. When a person says ‘I love you’ or ‘I respect you’ – you tend to believe it. At a young stage of life or a relationship you do not attribute motives to any such statements. Then you […]

Simplyfying finance: Chapter 1

Yesterday I got 2 mails / comments one said a. your blog is too simple and the second b. your blog is too complicated. I could not agree more. This is like being asked to speak to school – and all the kids from class 1 to class X being the audience. It is really […]